Hitman 2 (2018) Release Discussion


have the gods answered finally


Pre-load is different term for prec[REDACTED]



gtg in 13min tho


You rating right? You are talking about your rating in the game right?


I got it :smiley:


so dlc’s can be preloaded?


I dont think so



I think its supposed to be 105gb the whole damn game. So that 8.5gb thing kinda worries me


LOL. this preload so weak.


Finally! Thanks IOI
But why only 8.5GB?


Okay, well at least i can say that im the first non-dev to have this game installed on their Pc


Anyone expecting the CE from GameStop?

Trying to figure out if I should call them and start flipping out. It’s 1PM Thursday here and I see no indication of shipping yet.

Wondering if anyone that has an online order is seeing “processing” as their status.



Thank St. Travis


it’s 12gb after download, still it’s something…

I had one thing in mind but I just forgotten because of the excitement.


Thanks for showing up in my recommended and spoiling a disguise, IGN.


You know what they say
Cant spell ignorant without IGN


What disguise?

20 dress ups


A Suit of Armour in the Isle of Sgail


Really did you expect IO not to do that.:joy: You know they probably couldn’t help themselves.:smiley:


Yeah, i tought that IOI not big bully, but yeah, IOI big bully