Hitman 2 (2018) Release Discussion


Thank God, my CE has shipped.


Yay, Good for you, enjoy your rubber duck.:grinning:


Major spoiler, proceed at your own risk!



What the Chloroform or the tools we can take in now? Or the Silverballer. Weird the tools, brick and scalpel were not unlocks from the levels.


I know someone who won’t like this.


This was pre beta footage, but she says 6 shots and the subtitle says 4.


I can’t stand it, I want to fucking play RIGHT NOW


Pink sticker on silverballer??? Seriously?? :rage:


It’s a Season 1 sticker basically
There’s a separate silverballer for HITMAN 2 that won’t have it.


There’s a “Resume” button below… So i assume that this is in game inventory…After picking things up through the level (not all probably).



Appears in cinematics


That’s correct. It’s not my footage, since I’m on PC, and have no power until 3-5 pm cest tomorrow


W/o giving spoilers, how is the music in this?



Does anyone know if you need to install the HITMAN Update (Size?) to play S2? (Xbox One)


Only 3 fucking hours left guysssssssss!!!


Not for PC guys… :frowning:


I don’t like Hitman anymore. That’s one of the reason. Hitman getting more childish, and it doesn’t feal like a HITMAN game anymore. It’s more like a Hitman-Simulator.

Old Hitman games(1-4) have more weapons, and a real name, for example “AK47”, “M4”… and every weapon is different not like Hitman 2016 and 2108. There are mostly just reskins.
Furthermore the briefcase doesn’t have the Hitman logo(+ a good animation).

I have more reasons, why I think that Hitman is not anymore a real Hitman game, but I know it will change nothing, when I write everything down.

Sorry for my english.


I fell your pain, man