Hitman 2/3 Frisking Changes

In Hitman 2 they made a change to frisking so that you are not allowed to be frisked with illegal items in your inventory (like you can’t even activate the frisk). Then, in Hitman 3 (I think) they removed the ‘knock out’ button that appears while being frisked. What’s with these changes that make the game easier (and in my opinion less fun)?

I really hope they bring back the Hitman 2016 version of frisking where you can activate frisking with illegal weapons in your inventory, but they’ll point guns at you if you do, and also where you can knock out people while you’re being frisked. Also unrelated but give us an option to mute diana :no_mouth:


It was funny, but I only ever used it in “Kill Everyone” runs. It just seemed a bit pointless in any other situation. I wouldn’t mind having it back: it wouldn’t negatively affect anyone by being in the game.

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Also make it so walking away from a frisk is construed as trespassing and placing an item on the ground during a frisk prompt is suspicious.

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Wouldn’t that mean that accidentally approaching a frisk with something illegal means either getting caught or fighting with no way to escape undetected?


Yeah but isn’t that a good way for frisking to work? It’s the players fault if they have an illegal item in their inventory and don’t think to check before hand, makes the game more difficult. Or maybe on Casual difficulty, don’t let players get frisked if they have illegal items, but allow it on Professional and Master.


If you don’t know that there is a frisk point there, and you have even the gun that you start the level with, then the suggestion of making walking away from a frisk suspicious means that it’s not the players fault. Unless you either insist on never having a gun (or anything else illegal) and knowing where every frisk point is all the time, it doesn’t work. There has to be a way for the player to get away without being frisked without getting in trouble for it.


I actually wish IOI would bring back the frisking mechanic from Blood Money, where you could just politely surrender your guns when frisked, no questions asked.

In a lot of the locations 47 visits, it shouldn’t be suspicious at all for people to be strapped, assuming they politely check their weapons with security when asked to do so.


Now I read this and re-read the other message, what do you mean by ‘approaching a frisk’? I might have misunderstood what you said.

It’s definitely a change I’d love to see reverted in an update for 3, along with the ability to save a default loadout for every location and having the game remember the filter you selected for challenges instead of always going back to “show all”


In order to be less punishing, maybe some frisk spots could result in your contraband being seized if you are caught (e.g. entrance in Miami, stairs in ascensionist ET) whilst some result in you being compromised (e.g. Crows’ hideout in Mumbai). So players understand which is which, the guard could tell you before you are frisked if your contraband will be seized but if he doesn’t then that means you will be compromised.

The suggestion was:

I took that to mean that if you approach a frisk spot and then leave, it should be a suspicious action. Approach, the way I use it, just meant to walk up to the point where the prompt appears (but do not actually activate the frisk).

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Yeah I don’t think that’s a great idea, I think that happened in some of the older games but I think it’s more annoying than difficult. Edit: actually placing the item on the ground before getting frisked should be suspicious. I’m pretty sure if you throw a briefcase or something it will be suspicious but not if you place it on the ground. Is that right?

Any mechanic that punishes a player for ignorance is a bad one.


I’ve never used the “knock down” when being frisked.
I did that, I lost SA. And if I don’t want SA, why don’t I just shoot all the way through?

I’m a deadly assassin when SA HUD is green
I’m a maniac serial killer when SA HUD turns red

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A change to help those players who forget to check their inventory before a frisk and don’t bother saving before destroying their run.

I can’t tell you the last time I walked through a frisk point.

I wish they’d bring back the Blood Money version where they just sweep over you with a metal-detecting wand, and if you’ve put any weapons in your foil-lined suitcase, they won’t detect them, allowing you to smuggle weapons past the guards.

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They should bring back metal detectors too. Takes less time than a frisk and can potentially be tampered with.


Another time I walked through a frisk point was when I waited for the camera to pan away from my path after I was searched; that waiting however triggered another frisk prompt right as I made a dash through the camera opening and the guards became hostile.

There’s one checkpoint in Chongqing in the ICA Facility. You can be disguised as a guard, you’ll still get frisked even though you’re carrying weapons. So that one doesn’t make sense (to me).

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Make sure you’re not trying to sneak in a sniper rifle.