HITMAN 2 - 3Dmigoto DX11 Bloom and Post Lighting Effects Mod - PC

Using 3Dmigoto I was able to pinpoint 4 different shaders that contribute to the bloom.
Disclaimer: Might not work with AMD cards, Google for solution if you have issues.

Update 1.1:

  • ShaderFixes folder and d3dx.ini have been configured so the values are between 0 and 1.
    No dividing by 6000 nonsense to turn off an effect. Math…:upside_down_face:
  • Key 5 is configured to cycle between preferred setting, everything off except rays and fog, everything off, and everything on.

Update 1.2

  • Shaderfixes were updated for the 10-22-2019 update of Hitman 2.

Extract files inside the x64 folder to the HITMAN 2 Retail folder.
Detailed directions:

  1. Open HITMAN2-3Dmigoto-BloomConfigure-v1.1.rar file using your preferred .rar opening program.
    (7zip was used to make the file. https://www.7-zip.org/)
  2. Open the x64 folder within the .rar file.
  3. Select all files and folder and extract them to the HITMAN2 Retail folder.
    (Default install location: C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\HITMAN2\Retail)

There’s already a d3dcompiler_46.dll file in the HITMAN 2 directory, and I believe they’re identical, but I made a backup of the original and use the one provided with the program anyway.
I’m also not sure about the “loader” folder, but since the original also included it I’ve kept it intact. (for reasons :roll_eyes: )

Default keys:
F10: Reloads Shaders (After you’ve made changes to the d3dx.ini file, just hit this key, no need to reset the game.)

The below keys can be used to gradually decrease the default values so you can decide which value you like best (can be handy for Ansel too), and based on how many times you press the key (numbers are listed in the d3dx.ini), you can configure the value in d3dx.ini to your liking.

1: Bloom - x

2: Lens Flare - y

3: Direct light shine - w

4: Sun Rays and Depth Fog - z - When off this makes the outside look clear when looking through a window, but when outside it looks very unnatural.

5: Cycles between my preferred settings, everything off except rays and fog, everything off, and everything on.

In d3dx.ini for one preferred preset you can change the values just underneath [Constants].
For multiple presets you can configure Key 5 (I have it to cycle between 4, but numbers can be added or subtracted as desired).
You can also create additional keys to do whatever, go crazy! :crazy_face:

I THINK the way everything is written just underneath [Constants] is self explanatory and I made comments where needed, but if there are any questions hit me up! :slightly_smiling_face:

My preferred settings were based on the very sunny Sapienza and Whittleton Creek and I feel that perhaps they MIGHT not be 100% right for darker levels. If you feel that certain values work better for darker levels post the x,y,w,z values here so I (and others) can check them out. :wink:

Comparison Shots with my preferred settings:



Ohh god, wow… :astonished: :star_struck:

I will try it later, but just from the pictures it looks soo much better, wow. God bless you :heart: :pray:


oh my god… pls IO

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That’s a cool.
Can you share your prefered settings, @HMBM47?

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Thank for your work ! Possible to do the same but with DX12 ? Because no way I go back on the DX11 version of the game, DX12 performances are so much better.


Brilliant dude!
Awaiting a proper solution from IOI, that’s a great tool to use, well done :+1:


I know what you mean…
Sadly there is no DX12 wrapper. :cry:

There right there in the d3dx.ini for you to check out. :wink:

Thx anyway :slight_smile:

I will wait for a proper answer by IOI, I prefer to have some bad effects than poor perfs.

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You’re a hero!

Trying these out right now. Screenshots look sublime!

Works like a charm, thank you again. :+1:

I can finally see stuff in Miami now, without feeling like I’m getting stabbed my eyes, wohoo! :smiley:


But sadly this mod does not support DX12.
Maybe the way will be found someday…
Or the better IOI will adjust this shit officially

You can actually see 10 feet in front of you now. :slight_smile:


this is actually so good, this clean lighting is just so much better. now you can see the great skyboxes that the artists at IO made, instead of being blinded by the sky


Oh my god I love this so much.

I’ll stop spamming this thread with my pictures and let others post theirs instead. :slight_smile:


@Travis_IOI @Clemens_IOI you guys must see this thread and take all this info into consideration to improve the lightning system in HITMAN 2


Can you take the same picture as me (the one in the previous topic with the poll). Thank you.

IOI take notes!!!

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Looks beautiful. Still no lemons however. :angry:


Thank you :grinning: So here we go.


HITMAN 2 Vanilla :

HITMAN 2 without post lighting effects :

The last one is the better I think.

  • HITMAN 1
  • HITMAN 2
  • HITMAN 2 without post lighting effects

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