HITMAN 2 - 3Dmigoto DX11 Bloom and Post Lighting Effects Mod - PC

But sadly this mod does not support DX12.
Maybe the way will be found someday…
Or the better IOI will adjust this shit officially

You can actually see 10 feet in front of you now. :slight_smile:


this is actually so good, this clean lighting is just so much better. now you can see the great skyboxes that the artists at IO made, instead of being blinded by the sky


Oh my god I love this so much.

I’ll stop spamming this thread with my pictures and let others post theirs instead. :slight_smile:


@Travis_IOI @Clemens_IOI you guys must see this thread and take all this info into consideration to improve the lightning system in HITMAN 2


Can you take the same picture as me (the one in the previous topic with the poll). Thank you.

IOI take notes!!!

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Looks beautiful. Still no lemons however. :angry:


Thank you :grinning: So here we go.


HITMAN 2 Vanilla :

HITMAN 2 without post lighting effects :

The last one is the better I think.

  • HITMAN 1
  • HITMAN 2
  • HITMAN 2 without post lighting effects

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Can’t wait to get your mod :star_struck: :sunglasses:

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Comes in a few days with July update :slight_smile:

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Cannot open the file with 7zip. :thinking:

I think this mod with a touch of reshade would finally push the graphical fidelity of H2 beyond that of Season 1.

A few things I have noticed:

Embrace of the Serpent looks really wacky with Depth Fog off. Lots of the terrain looks very sloppy and unfinished (fair since nobody was supposed to see it anyway). Lots of other distant geometry looks a little strange as well with it off (the skylines in Bangkok and Miami, mountains in Sapienza etc).

The Bank looks a bit less imposing without God Rays. It doesn’t have the same incredible effect of height that it does with the rays.

However the fact remains that this mod makes every map (especially the legacy maps) so much more playable without having to spam instinct everywhere just to navigate a few rooms. Absolutely outstanding!

It opened fine for me in 7zip :thinking:

Maybe your file didn’t download properly?
Try to redownload it

Did not help, dunno why. If someone would be so kind to repack it and reupload it, or else I look for other tools to open it.

EDIT: Different tool works.

I would not recommend playing with this option off. Only reason I put the option was for testing purposes. I encourage people to experiment. That’s why I made it possible to gradually turn things down. And the d3dx.ini is super easy to modify the values. :slightly_smiling_face:

Find that the first value works great for Sapienza and not the Bank? Key 5 is there as an example for this use. You can add a value to the end of each line under [Key5], making it cycle between 4 presets.


; Custom Cycle (Or Toggle)
Key = 5
type = cycle 
; Bloom
x = .15, 0, 1, 0
; Lens Flare
y = 4, 5000, 1, 5000
; Light Decals
w = 1.5, 6000, 1, 6000
; Sun Rays and Distant Fog
z = .65, 0, 1, .65

Works with WinRAR. Just tried. Unpacked with no problems

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Great work. Sadly by now I fought my way through the hallways of whiteout and doorframes of enlightenment many times already.

The direct comparison shots still show the ridicolousness of it as on release.

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