Hitman 2 access pass?

Playsyation 4 - previous 2 played on this also

Hitman 3 installed, progress now carried over and completed.

Hitman 1 maps are playable, the pass was free.

Hitman 2 maps are showing as get access - I click it and says I need to pay £58 for it! (Hitman 3 was cheaper)

I had Hitman 2 on physical disc, sold it 2 months ago.

Installing Hitman 3, said not enough space, deleted a few installed games that I no longer have - this included Hitman 2.

Have I messed up?

I am not sure. If your H2 was standard and not gold edition I think you needed to launch H2 and claim a Standard Access Pass in it and then Get Access in H3.

Read the Pre-Launch Guide again.

OK… Managed to get everything into PS4 PSN Library. Got H2 Gold Access Pass and H1 GOTY Access Pass done (even before buying H3! lol). Then once I bought H3, PSN automatically placed H2 Standard Access Pass also in my library!

Carryover done… And only now starting to download HITMAN 3!
So far…so good…

P.S.: Not sure if maybe “claim all, carryover, then buy H3” was probably the intended sequence? :stuck_out_tongue:

They must have fixed something, as I logged in just now and Hitman 2 locations are all available.