HITMAN 2 | All about new Mechanics and Changes compared to S1


This thread is all about mechanical changes of HITMAN 2
The list will keep updated. Post what you may miss here, ask your questions and share your experience what you found out.

!! Please no SPOILERS about mission details, targets etc. until 13th november !!
:white_check_mark: Still Works / Works in the same way
:x: Patched Out / Not anymore in HITMAN 2
:warning: Still exists but changed
:ballot_box_with_check: / Added / Improved
:heavy_minus_sign: No Changes


-Controls (On/Off, button assignment, equipment, Purist) :ballot_box_with_check:
-Body found with Accidents, Poison SA :white_check_mark:
-If a targets finds a body but then you kill the target, does the No Bodies Found bonus stays intact or is lost like in S1?*:heavy_minus_sign: No Changes
-Fire Extinguisher (radius, knockout, …) :x: FE is now Non Lethal
-Propane Flask (smokers, leak, lethalness, generator) :ballot_box_with_check: Throwing leaks it now. If you pick it up again it’s not leaked anymore
-Breaching Chargers (FE, Propane, Distraction, Flying Swords) :warning: Only 1x BC in loadout, FE/Propane aka Portable Accidents works, BC only open doors by putting it on the surface, No more Insta explosion
-New Explosion Radius :ballot_box_with_check: Lethal, KO, Like Legshot (stands up again)
-Rat Poison/Emetic Poison (Blind and def, Puke places) :white_check_mark:
-Lethal Poison (animation, can syringe now poison a glass?):white_check_mark:
-Noticed Kill (Witnesses Mechanics) :ballot_box_with_check: You can shoot your target from the front and get SA
-Legshots :white_check_mark:
-Bullet Distractions :warning: Distraction like before,Upstairs/Downstairs luring still works, 3 shots on same spot and you get spotted by security
-Sharpshooting (Piercing Multikills) ::heavy_minus_sign:
-Panic (Guards, Civilian NPC, Crowd, Loud Gun)
-Target Lockdown (Not getting spotted by vip target guards when trespassing):white_check_mark:
-Crowd (Hiding Radius, Weapon in hand->reaction?)
-Can you throw things higher than in S1? :ballot_box_with_check: Yes
-Foliage (Hiding Body, Weapon, Sniper Point )
-Instinct (Can we run now while instinct on console?) :ballot_box_with_check: YES WE CAN
-ICA Space Program
-Running/walking/crouch/open doors flow comparison to S1 :warning:
-Doors: Closing, Lockpick, shoot, explosion, coin
-Combat AI :ballot_box_with_check:
-VIP behavior
-NPC viewcones :ballot_box_with_check:
-Difficulty (Casual, Professional, Master)
-Unconscious NPC (Guards wake up, paramedics, NPC wake up by themselves?) :heavy_minus_sign:
-Trespassing :heavy_minus_sign:
-Puddles/Overflowing sinks (electrocution kills) :ballot_box_with_check:
-Aquarium KO :ballot_box_with_check:

Contracts Mode

-Target tagging through scope? :heavy_minus_sign:
-Still maximum 5 targets? :white_check_mark:
-Search function (by username, exclude complications, by rating) :heavy_minus_sign:
-Platform exchange? (recreating for other platforms) :heavy_minus_sign:
-Longer briefing than 500 words? :heavy_minus_sign:
-Targets deleteable, when contract finished but not saved yet? :heavy_minus_sign:
-New complications? (Loud gun, ballistic kill, excluding methods) :heavy_minus_sign:
-Lethal throw/melee for a weapon? :heavy_minus_sign:
-Other Difficulty (Pro Mode?) :heavy_minus_sign:
-All friends now shown up in search function? :white_check_mark:
-Still Any Method when used Rat/Emetic Poison before a killmethod? :ballot_box_with_check: While contract Any Method, but when contract is finished, the right killmethod
-Legacy maps also for contracts mode? :ballot_box_with_check: Yes

Leaderboards /Scoring System

-Time still biggest factor after SA? :white_check_mark:
-Suit Only Leaderboards? :heavy_minus_sign:
-Bonuses (only headshots, body hidden, piercing kills,…) :ballot_box_with_check: Level Points
-Statistics (weapons used, kill method counter) :ballot_box_with_check:
-All friends now shown up in list (PS4)? :ballot_box_with_check: Yes works perfect
-Legshots :white_check_mark:
-Long range body shots still undetected? (To lure guards) :white_check_mark:
-Witnesses/Noticed kill/Spotted/Body found :ballot_box_with_check: You can be found trespassing or seen by enforcer without loosing SA (all difficulties), as long there is no crime noticed
-3 sec rule before exit (Noticed Kill) :white_check_mark:
-fist punch? (spotted, witnesses) :white_check_mark:

Sniper Mechanics

-Sharpshooting (Face to Face) (Piercing Multikills) :heavy_minus_sign:
-Guards spot your position :warning:
-Wallbang? Wallbang-Spots :warning: Round lamps
-Accidents (Body-shots and then fall) :white_check_mark:
-Piercing surfaces (glass, bushes, wood?)
-Sniper spots
-Smuggle points
-Loadout :ballot_box_with_check: You can have 2x Sniper Rifles in your loadout now


Flash Granate
Tranquilizer Gun
Sedative Syringe?
Concussion Granate
Proximity Tasers (Electrocution kill in puddles)
Explosive Pen
Brief Case
-Save place mechanics (Civilian, Guard, Bomb delivery) :ballot_box_with_check:
-Climbing :x:
-Frisk zone


Wall-Drop Glitch :x:
Loud Gun Trick
Fetch Trick :warning:
Coin Key to open door (NPC use)
Poison a drink/Illegal action while crouching still undetected?
Double Amnesia :x:
Bump weapon drop :x:
Wallbang through round lamp :white_check_mark:


I also made a thread if any of you find map-specific Legacy Pack changes. Should I link it?


I hope they tweak this one of the sniper mechanics

-Guards spot your position

Sometimes I just want to fool around and it’s quite annoying the fact that they start to run to your position from 500m away when the shots were sound masked


Here it is: Legacy Pack Discussion (Changes, Comparisons, FAQ) - HiTMAN 2


Yeah i will link it in description. I think it’s good to keep them seperate. This thread is about core mechanics, which will automaticly be part of the legacy pack and the main game.


What’s sharpshooting?


(I wouldn’t call this a mechanic, but this is the best place to ask about it - I think)
Is it still possible to achieve challenges like:
Killing the target by shooting it --> reloading, killing it again with another method = achieving both challenges at the rating.

Edit - Answer: It’s possible.


Sharpshooting is meant for piercing kills, where you shoot multible targets in line with one bullet (With the Jaeger Lancer or the Striker)


Can confirm that not all the cameras in the level are deactivated by destroying just one DVR. For example, in Master difficulty World of Tomorrow, the cameras at the mansion are independent from the ones at the lab. I like this was fixed from S1.

Holsteing and unholstering a gun while on a ledge now has an animation.


Did anything change at all regarding the contracts mode? Did just a quick peek but it seems to be the same. I hoped alot from the huge feedback thread by Travis found it’s way into the game.

Only thing I noticed is all complications are optional now, non-optional was removed entirely.


Witnessed Kill doesn’t seem to work at all for me. After spotted by the target and killing them still counts as spotted.


They should bring back another DVR to Bangkok then.


I have a feeling they’ll add some new stuff to Contracts in the coming months. Seeing how they said Ghost Mode is in ‘beta’ phase. I feel like they just needed to put the game out first, and then they’ll go in and make small additions/fixes. It would think the content coming after the game should be much more extensive compared to 2016 since all missions are out at once now.


I really hope so, but it is depending on the future of IO. They might have not the power to work on extensions, ghost mode and contract mode all at once.


Is the seperate camera thing only restricted to the Master difficulty setting?


Just confirmed that in the actual state of the game, if a target finds a body or the target sees you and completely spots you, you definetly lose the bonuses of Never Spotted and No Bodies Found even after the kill. Tried in a Paris random contract. Not sure with story targets.

Still, frontal attack with any melee won’t get you spotted as long as the NPC doesn’t completes the process. Tried with main missions and random contract.


complete what process?


Any new complications?

Did they finally remove the specific Melee/Thrown Weapon kill method?


Napoleon sound luring capabilities seem to be nerfed. For example luring npc/guard from above or below to your floor doesn’t work as it did before. Not on drop or on (high) toss.

I don’t like this change


Before an NPC actually spots you, you hear the “shhhh” noise and the detector fills up. If you kill or KO the NPC before that detection process is completed, you don’t lose the Never Spotted bonus, even if it’s a frontal attack.