Hitman 2, and the Slippery Slope of Removing Content


well yeah that isn’t extra content so it’s fine to remove them. they could just have it be unlocked with whatever you got to first and then unlock a gold skin or something when you unlock it twice.


I hope so, you know how vocal the “gamers rise up” audience can be.


What is this post about?
Is it about IO removing content?
Is it about IO bending to people’s will (which they don’t unless it makes sense)?
Is it about how changing Colorado screws with the leaderboard?

I definitely know where you are coming from but I think we shouldn’t be concerned with IO removing three challenges.
If they’d remove MORE content than just three challenges then we should be concerned.

I think (besides the terrible Silent Assassin / Enforcer bug, yeah, we know…) IO is doing a pretty good job at maintaining the game and actually having the guts to take something away from the players if they feel it doesn’t fit the game.
It doesn’t change the game in any meaningful way either (unlike that darned Enforcer bug, we get it!).

You know what’s worse? Not having Diana announcing targets in Legacy maps. THAT is something that grinds my gears.


Agreed with OP. As soon as I read the IO announcement, I started up the Xbox to finish those three challenges. Easily had three hours of fun gameplay doing them. The only thing that was annoying was how certain challenges were linked to the main mission only, and couldn’t be completed in Contracts mode.
The one where you need to throw custodians into the schaft would have made for a nice custom contract, but sadly it could only be completed in the main mission. Moving those challenges to the more general feats would make them more interesting.
Would hate for the Crazy 8 challenge to be removed for example, but that also invites people to “unnecessary” killings.
Indeed a start of a potentially bad trend. We should nip it in the bud before more stuff gets removed.

The Colorado exits don’t feel like a removal to me though, rather an addition.


I have to agree with IOI on this one. Those challenges came and went and I don’t miss them. Had no intention of ever doing them.

I didn’t pay for the Gold Edition so that I’d have to do drudgery like kill 47 NPC’s and throw them into the ocean or something.

Truth is I also won’t mind it if they removed the Motorcyclist or the “kill all masked guards in Hokkaido” stuff… just so that people know where my baseline is.

However, I never loudly complained about their existence, and you’ll never catch me requesting them to remove it or celebrating their removal.

These challenges were just always dead to me.


Wait, you couldn’t make a contract out of the custodian one? That’s really dumb


I do not approve of them removing existing challenges. Their learning should be to focus challenges on assassination traits, discoveries and easter eggs IN THE FUTURE.

Who decides what is okay and what is tedious?
For example I did the knight challenges and they were annoying first but running and gunning in medieval bulletproof armor was actually fun for a while.
I could never see myself roleplaying as postal service and putting newspapers into all letterboxes on the other hand. Does that one also get removed?
Also I just recently finished the ghost mode challenges. Don’t you dare to remove them NOW.

Challenges are optional so everyone can do what he likes. For the completionists, a 100% that came by removing the harder parts is also invalidated in my eyes.

tl;dr just listen to the comnunity for future challenges, but do not temper with existing ones people already finished.


Look, I’m a relative newcomer here, but have definitely been enjoying this game to bits.

However, removing 47 Corpses and Knight Murder Mode is fine by me, not to mention Hokkaido Baseball Bro; of the latter two, I got 24/25 and 19/20 respectively. It was a chore, and no, I didn’t mess up - I made sure not to.

So, fuck that shit and good riddance if they’re to go the way of the dodo.

What I am a bit bleak about is the fact that I didn’t realise the Snow Festival would be over so soon. I managed to at least whack the target once, but since I was focusing on mastering the level and doing some Situs Inversus challenges, I totally lost out on this.

It would be great if these timed events had something akin to ETs where you know when you need to complete the challenges by. Or, better yet: just leave them in the damn game!

Ps. Did I really miss anything major by not really sinking more time into the Snow Festival?


Not really. The Parka Suit was the reward we all wanted the most or at least those of us that have wanted it since the prologue.

In reality the Hokkaido Snow Fest lasted longer than the actual Sapporo Snow Festival.


Btw whete did they reveal this?




Thanks, fella!

Yeah, I got the parka from whacking the Russian, so that’s good, I guess… But would’ve liked to do the rest.

Guess I’ll have to keep an eye on the next one!


Why should they remove something just because you don’t like it?


Why should they keep it in because you like it?

IO made a decision to remove content for their own reasons in conjunction with fan feedback. The content’s removal will not disrupt the game in any way shape or form.


Because it’s completely optional content, you don’t remove what’s potentially fun because people who won’t do it anyway dislike it.

Or should we remove content like entire missions unless it’s during a specific holiday? Should we remove locations because people don’t like them? Should we remove guards to make the game easier because hard games are bad?


I think what everyone is missing here is the OP’s original point. It’s not so much about what IO is removing or even why; it’s about how far it will go. What will they stop at, how many things will they change, will it be limited only to challenges or will other aspects of the game be changed, will it be based off of what we, the fan, indicate we want, or will it be off of what they think we want? Where does it end?

Having clarified that, I don’t think we have anything to worry about. IO seems to be removing these items based on what players are saying and the number of people who are actually completing these challenges, and then determining if they should have been included at all based on what they are trying to achieve. So I doubt they’ll go too far with this tactic.

It may be a slippery slope, but I think IO will navigate it within reason.


But IO and an assumed large amount of feedback indicates these challenges are tedious and not fun. Why is their opinion not as valid as yours?

You can do dumb shit like these challenges on your own time don’t make me kill 47 people and dump their corpses in the Atlantic because I want a sniper rifle. There are far to many challenges that require an overwhelming amount of violence in this stealth game.

Yeah we have three difficulties in this game all of which alter the guards and amount of cameras to ease or intensify the game.

No because those have replay value, they have an impact on the story, they have a certain level of enjoyment and their absence would adversely affect the game as a whole.

Most people completed the Hokkaido SF in the first three days. IO are most likely going to have them come back again like ETs and not to mention it looks like most of these levels will just be reskins. Aside from the briefing and the snowballs this was no different from an ET .

Further more there is no “slippery slope” with this IO just used feedback to make this decision. This was not made in some backroom, we were and still are given chances to make your voices known on the issue. Further more it looks like IO will be adding challenge backs every month.


Isn’t part of the experience in 100%-ing something inherently difficult? I don’t think IO should personally listen to this community as much as it does, it could lead to unfortunate consequences.


Did I say that they should?

I spent HOURS on Sgàil, murdering literally every single guard and I just couldn’t nail them last one.

Same on Hokkaido. Clearly there is something broken, as I know some others were having the same issue. (Especially on Sgàil, where the frame rate slowed to a crawl.)

As someone who gets a bit obsessive about completionism, the tedium I experienced trying to complete these challenges just didn’t make for fun gaming, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person feeling this way. IO must’ve realized that this was a bad design decision, potentially a bug. Options were to fix the bug or remove the challenge. Either is a solution and I can’t say that I’m disappointed that they settled on the latter.


How? IO haven’t burnt us yet with their listening to our feedback. Sure I may not agree with some of their decisions when listening to the fans but they have not done anything I can’t simply ignore.