Hitman 2, and the Slippery Slope of Removing Content


Most of the challenges are dull and time consuming. They are a product of the monthly release schedule from H1, to pad gameplay out between drops, but IO have kept the formula for H2, despite it releasing as a full game.


When I dumped the 47 bodies, I kept doing it in the same place. The place you can climb down for an exit. Part of this involved getting compromised and the room full of guards just away from the kitchen area and lie detector test… having them all come in and get knocked out. Sooo much dragging.

Then there’s a certain easter egg where you kill all (or, up to that point) and to get to that point made my computer start lagging. This is another thing I don’t agree with them putting into the game… But it’s their game so who am I to argue? Maybe if they want to give me a couple 1080 TIs and fancy cooling system. :smirk:

I would like to do the pigeon hunt thing someday. I’ll just have to study Whittleton Creek a whole lot more.


My opinion on this is as follows: There was no need to remove these challenges. The “fun” factor, “difficulty” factor, or “relevance” factor indeed have nothing to do with the challenges. They are there. Do them, or don’t do them. IOI is clearly removing them because of community backlash… why though? They aren’t hard to complete. I’m not trying to sound elitist there, but on casual, you should be able to do this no problem with saves.

Why take it out?

The challenge from WC made sense because it was literally impossible. These are not impossible, it just requires you not being a bitch.

Taking it out makes no sense, and looks extra bad when there are severely more pertinent issues to this game’s gameplay such as the trespassing glitch, which destroys leaderboards. That is a bit more important than some challenges that some folks bitch about being too hard, even though a casual mode was introduced for them, no?

I’ll stop here. But if you take issue with the viewpoint that perhaps these challenges should remain untouched, then perhaps you haven’t played this game enough.


Did they already remove them? BC I can still see the making waves challenge in my challenge list.


Ah yes 25 pigeons are so funny that i buyed Hitman2 for that… pfff


Sorry, if you aren’t smart probably is boring, i shoot 47 guards with striker is short and funny from the top of chapel tower, no needs to drag bodies. The 25 guards dressed as a knight is pure awesomeness the armor is bulletproof and the long sword it’s lovely. Shooting 25 pidgeons is just no sense.
Probaby the comunity it’s so focused on stealth playing that them have no skils on kill NPCs, dying everytime.


Tbh I don’t like the way challenges are done in this game. It takes out a lot of the the feeling of discovery and I felt like the maps of blood money for example were far more vast and explorable just because I didn’t have everything I could do staples on a menu screen. In a way I think it would have been simpler and cooler to not have challenges and have a different progression system for gaining mastery but whatever


Then when you discover you can push Jorge of a cliff for example, you feel like YOU discovered it and solved the puzzle. That’s what a hitman game is about. On the topic I don’t give a shit they removed the instructions of how to get a bit of mastery by doing such tedious tasks and I don’t know what the complaints are about Colorado


No one forbids you to switch off Challenges and Mission Stories in the settings. If you play each level multiple times, you’ll get enough mastery anyway.


Yea I know I can always do that, but how am I meant to gain mastery, by opening a bunch of doors? When I turned off mission stories I preferred the game but realised I never got the challenges for the stuff I was doing so no mastery either. It’s a broken system, just because I got a different pack of smokes for Janus meant I didn’t get either challenges done for it and no mastery


Yep! A lot of them are very tightly scripted. Also some of the challenges are things you would never do without being prompted to (shoot all 3 targets in Mumbai from that one sniper tower) and I’m not counting the silly ones like light all the lanterns or shoot all the birds.

Imagine how amazing you would have felt if you realised you could push Dalia into Victor if you set it up via fireworks. I bet even with the episodic model where we basically played that level TO DEATH before the next one came out, it would have taken a long while for people to figure that out.


I think the knight challenge and the making waves challenge got remover because of the performance issues that come with mass killings on Sgail. Instead of fixing that they’re sweeping it under the rug and are calling them “not fun”.
Can’t see why they removed the railing one. They should have just moved that one to the challenge section where you can complete it in contract mode.
Everybody goes apeshit when Travis replies and take his word as gospel but I’m not buying the explanation he gave in this thread. Too many inconsistencies. Sorry, I appreciate IOs presence here as much as anyone but I’m not going to put on a heart on everything they say and call it a day.


I love you!
20 hearts.


You turn off challenges and you gain experience by discovering them. I know friends who dguess how to get each challenge and they say it’s super fun to discover stuff like the double shot in Whittleton Creek.


This is so it, lol, I love the great work IO has done on Hitman, but fuck excusing the bullshit amount of bugs they aren’t even acknowledging like missing explosion sounds and the game crashing for a vast majority when they kill too many npcs. This is the MAIN fucking reason they removed this challenge, we don’t want to enable mass murder even though its one of the most fun things in the game and they had the king of mass killing everyone BigMooney make a goddamn escalation for them. They’re basically trying to prevent people from crashing by attempting to do a in game challenge, but saying “its based on player feedback.”




We can just make up our own challenges like we used to. How about this one. Kill only the red/pink coated Ark members. Don’t kill any guards or anyone else. I just tried this today. It’s suoer challenging as they are all around a ton of people. It’s doable though. I had to retreat a couple times fast and find a new costume.


What about if the challenges were changed to accumulate across different sessions rather than during one mission? So you could knock a few into the sea every now and then as you replay the level. Would that be preferable?

Also, if IOI replaced the challenges with 3 different challenges, would this have avoided the whole concern?


Many challenges in the past have been like that. A lot of challenges requiring multiple kills or #s of specific actions haven’t all required them in one go. I wonder if anyone actually tested that for these particular ones.


I think the point is that dumping 47 NPCs should have never been a challenge to begin with. They didn’t need to grasp at straws to add content. The level would have been fine without that particular challenge. Those players who like to try a kill everyone run would still do so (but not have to drag peeps to the edge and dump them). I don’t foresee more challenges being subtracted. I’m sure IO have realised they should just be positive they want the challenge there to being with. I still have the making waves challenge bc I actually did it when I did all the other ones that would be most easily completed by taking out all the guards. I’m glad they didn’t take away from those who completed it.