HITMAN 2 - Another Life- Chameleon Challenge


Have 19 out of 20 outfits.
Please throw in your list to see what we’re missing. :blush:


you’re most likely missing the Sherrif Harrison(?) disguise. he’s the sheriff with the glasses near the construction site exit (the one next to the gate)


That’s it.
Thanks :grin:
Also any idea where I can find a crowbar in the level???
Trying to do sewer escape.
Found crowbar at the construction site by getaway gate :wink:


Here’s the list:

  • Garbage man
  • Mailman
  • Construction Worker
  • Plumber (house for sale)
  • Police Deputee [sic]
  • Server (muffin stand / West house)
  • Janus Bodyguard
  • Cassidy Bodyguard
  • Gardener
  • Pest Control Guy
  • BBQ Owner
  • Real Estate Broker (muffin stand)
  • Janus’s Nurse (feeding the ducks)
  • Sheriff Masterson (Policeman with sunglasses)
  • James Batty
  • Gunther Mueller (Janus’s assistant)
  • Politician’s Assistant (in the park)
  • Politician (in the park)
  • Spencer “The Hammer” Green (found him in Cassidy’s gun room)
  • Arkian Robes (West house)


Janus’ robes?


Bingo. I’ve updated the list.