HITMAN 2 April 2019 Roadmap



Welcome to a new month full of content for HITMAN 2. We have new items, emotes and a new Location coming to Ghost Mode plus even more content, including Featured Contracts, an Elusive Target, an Escalation Contract, a Challenge Pack (with a flashy unlock!) and a game update.

But enough chit chat, let’s have a closer look at what’s coming your way in April.

April 4 / Challenge Pack

It’s time to master the streets of Mumbai in this new Challenge Pack. Disguised as the Holy man, you have to complete a set of challenges to unlock the Magnesium Pouch and become Mumbai Master.

The Magnesium Pouch is a dangerous mix, so use it with caution.

April 12 / Legacy Elusive Target

The Legacy Elusive Target the Prince, is back in Sapienza. Father Adalrico Candelaria, is a strong contender to be the next Pope, but his background is not that innocent as one might think for a potential Pope Cardinal.

He’ll be appearing in HITMAN 2 for the first time on April 12 for 10 days. Eliminate him to unlock the Italian Suit with Gloves.

April 17 / Featured Contracts

Each month, we challenge our community to create interesting, exciting and fun contracts that match a theme. Inspired by Ghosts, because Ghost Mode is coming to Colombia this month, we’re setting this month’s theme as ‘GHOST BUSTERS’.

The themes are purposefully open-ended to make sure that Contract creators can interpret it in many ways as possible and approach their Contract from different angles.

We will update on how to share your Contract soon!

April 25 / Escalation Contract

Who’s the exterminator? You are!

In the Nolan Disinfection, it’s all about poisoning and tampering with a certain fumigator.

You’ll have to sneak around the peaceful neighbourhood of Whittleton Creek and handle the set of obstacles we throw your way. In Escalations, it’s not necessarily about immersion, but more about how you’ll handle the various escalating steps we set up.

Good luck.

April 30 / New Ghost Mode Location

Ghost Mode is coming to the rainforest. If you haven’t gone agent to agent yet, this is the perfect time to give it a shot.

From April 30, you’ll be able to challenge your buddies in a 1 vs 1 in Santa Fortuna. We also introduce new items and emotes across the board which gives you all new ways, to sabotage and taunt your opponents.

Now is the time to show off your ultimate HITMAN skills.

Welcome to Colombia.

April 30 / New Ghost Mode Items, emotes and suit

Alongside the new Ghost Mode Location, we also have 4 new items, 4 new emotes and the brand new Phantom Suit.

You unlock the Phantom Suit by completing the Phantom Assassin Ghost Mode Challenge.

New Items:
The Ghost Freeze Grande:
A freeze grenade that slows down your opponent for a short period.

The Ghost Flash Grenade:
A flash grenade that blinds your opponent and gives you the advantage of sight.

The Ghost Proximity Explosive:
An explosive device that will blow up your opponent.

The Ghost Outfit Manipulator:
When activated, this device will simultaneously change both your and your opponent’s current outfit – to a new random one.

Ghost Mode Emotes:
We also introduce Emotes for the first time in Ghost Mode, so you can add insult to injury, whether you’re victorious, or just want to taunt your opponent.

April Game Update

Alongside the release of our new Ghost Mode location and items on April 30, we’ve got a game update lined up that will bring more improvements and bug fixes to the game. We’ll be sharing the full release notes before the update arrives.

So keep an eye out for that!

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I think they should make more animations for subdue, giving injection, melee with weapons on stairs, instead of these emotes. They are useless kinda.



The Magnesium Pouch is a pretty cool item. Same noise level as concussion devices and duckies. Way better than the standard flash grenade. Now I think about it, I wish we can also get the toy robot or similar as a reward since the explosive pen wasn’t as useful after all.



these animations are easier to implement for them. iirc the melee/attack animations are harder to replace and/or implement. im sure we’ll get new animations in H3 anyway

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Sean Bean at the end of the video.
Does that mean… :dizzy_face:


It most likely means 47 failed an assigment and that’s a shocker but hey, they had to bring SB back because not everyday you get a chance to work with a renowed actor that has little to do with videogames.



also the Magnesium pouch is the 2nd non-reskin unlock we’ve gotten after release!



I’m very excited for the new Ghost Mode map as well as some new items for it. (player-explosives and flash grenades are things I suggested would be fun additions so it’s nice to get that wish come true – not that my input from a few weeks ago had anything to do with it.)

It’s coming out on the last day of the month though. Ahh the waiting.

Apart from that I’m excited for The Prince coming back! He was my very first ET in HITMAN 2016!



The Prince!!!
Twenty Cheers for S1s best elusive!



Amen to that, my man.

Unless that’s nostalgia speaking

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The Prince is great, but he’s one of those ETs that suffers from “too many bodyguards” syndrome.



Can’t hurt to be prepared, I suppose. I started HITMAN after 2 came out, so I never got to play any of the original ETs. It’s good to know that the Prince has a shit-ton of bodyguards beforehand, lol.

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It’s a bit pity it’s still illegal item though…

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I don’t find it too bothersome, specially since it’s the kind of item guards pick up and civilians notice.



Seeing as how we USUALLY get 1 Legacy Pack ET, and a new ET… But only the Prince is verified as returning. The Undying is only vaguely hinted at coming back.

I’ve mentioned this on Reddit (since this place was down), but in the beginning of the vid we see ‘The Undying’, then ‘The Politician’ who had a body double. So what we may be able to gather from that is that Mark Faba will have, or did have a body double. And the idea of him being a clone or robot/cyborg (via Kronstadt Tech.) isn’t the case. Right? :thinking:

The Magnesium pouch makes me think of a tool that a Ninja would use. Yet… Maybe I’ll make a new topic for that.

eta: Nah.



I don’t think it means 47 failed, it would mean ICA failed by giving him not the real Mark Faba. That was either clone, body double with somehow the exact same voice, or highly advanced robot (Hope it’s not that). 47 almost certainly succeeded in killing whatever it was, I like to think. To say “Oh nah he didn’t actually kill that person in Miami, he left him alive” despite the hundred ways player killed him, would be a big cop out.



I’d say technically no to this.

However Faba escaped, I’m sure Mark Faba will die. Just not now. 47 didn’t ‘fail’ that contract in my eyes, the hunt was just prolonged for another time.

  • If it was a body double, then the hit placed on that guy’s head was fulfilled and the double is dead.
  • If Faba is some indestructible superhuman, then the hunt has been postponed until another day. He’ll die at the end of this saga of fakeouts, and when that happens it should ‘complete’ 47’s contract. He will win in the end.
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100% has to be a body double, doesn’t it? I literally slammed a pen through his skull :joy: there’s no way they can make that work, not without discrediting 47’s skills which is a no go!



I didn’t spot that at the end of the video, and now wish I didn’t know anything about it, because having a Mark Faba shadow drop would have been insanely good!

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What about hitman2 ETs? There’s no ET in March (The politician was the February’s One) and April. The phantom suit mehh it’s just absolution with different colours. Give us a Blood Money suit with closed jacket (it’s just Requiem in black). BTW it was to cool March, well I’ll enjoy ghost mode this month. Looking forward for May update maybe we gonna get a new mission.