Hitman 2 Armed NPC Weapons

Does anyone know which guns are used by each of the armed NPCs in each map? i.e. the security guards, sicarios, mercenaries, etc.? I’m just curious, and if someone could make a list/chart, I’d greatly appreciate it. I’d do it myself, but my Xbox is being uncooperative right now :confused:

You can check out the website made by @Notex here. Besides DAK X2 Covert used by some elite guards in IoS, every gun outside of 47’s inventory is used by NPC guards.

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I made something long ago with screenshots.
Some or not used by NPC but can be found laying around the missions.



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I believe the mains ones are as follows:
AR’s are either Fusil’s or Shashka’s
Pistols are either Bartoli’s or Hackl’s, in Whittleton some have suppressed Hackl’s
SMG’s are HX-7’s or HX-10’s, Rangans bodyguards being the exceptions (using Dax)
Shotguns are either Bartoli 12G or Tactical Bartoli 12G (the former having wooden parts)

That’s all I can think of, and there are probably exceptions that I have missed - either way, this should cover the most common ones.

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