Hitman 2 Automatic Walking (Xbox One)

Is there a way to change that thing where if you walk it automatically pushes you away from wherever you’re walking even though you’re not pressing anything? It only happens on this game so its not the controller. I like the game but it interferes a lot with kills and getting caught.

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Welcome to hitmanforum. It’s a bit difficult to understand what you’re referring to without screenshots/video.

If you’re having an issue with the game, there’s a thread where IO devs hang out where you can report it as a bug as long as you can describe exactly what it is that is happening to you.

You can’t be sure of that. Every game has own settings how sensible it reacts on the analog-stick. I heard of cases where in the end input problems were fixed with a new controller. Even when the user was sure it was not that at the beginning.

Try to get another one for testing before actually buying one though.

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Nope just tried it same thing its not the controller.

If you have a second controller see if the issue remains with that one. Does this occur in all maps? I also play this game on Xbox one and have never had it happen to me

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I am on ps4 and I also have this issue, especially when I am trying to aim🙄. But I believe my issue is the controller and analog stick itself. It seems to be loose and just old and it pushes me forward slightly. It may just be your analog stuck but for some reason is the most noticeable on this game? Sorry for rambling but I hope this may help

I wish it was but I tried with other controllers and its still the exact same sadly

I did with others and its still the same and yeah Im half way through the game and its done it to all of them