Hitman 2 Bangkok Tuppence a Wish is inpossible!


Hello. The whole text was written with the help of Google translator from Russian, so there may be inaccuracies somewhere, but I hope you will understand me.

As I understand it, the physics of coins was changed in Hitman 2 and this greatly complicated the execution of the Challenge Tuppence a Wish. Coins after throwing into the mirror fall down or even get stuck in it. I would like you to fix it or change the conditions or remove the challenge from the game at all!





20 char



It’s a bit difficult to do, but not impossible…you can save after every successful coin bounced off the mirror and into the water as needed and reload when they don’t. Alternatively I hear explosives can also knock coins that are stuck on the grassy area. It’s a bit annoying but not terribly difficult to do…I and many others have completed this challenge in Hitman 2.

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For me it’s also not working. Same problem. (PS4)

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Tuppence a wish is the YAME YAME from HITMAN.



The coins do not bounce off strong enough.
Most of the coins land here:

@Travis_IOI pls travis fix it. I wanna complete all challenges in Bangkok, and unlock all rewards.

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I was able to do this, so it’s not glitched, but I’m sorry to say I really have no insight into making it easier. Just get as many coins as you can, then rapidly throw them in the same spot and hope for the best. It took over an hour before I finally got lucky.



Do I have to collect all coins in Bangkok?



No, but it helps because there are so many (13 total), according to this interactive map.

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As many as possible and throw them rapidly, that’s what I did when I did this challenge, but it took some time and some reloads before it unlocked.



Все выполнимо. Не благодари

It is possible. Do not pay attention to the fire extinguisher. This is a coin throwing position.



Thanks for inputs !!
I Got 14 Coins and worked only when all coins hit the water so im Not that sure that you have to hit the stones!!
Hit em 30 times and nothing happen!!
Ps4 by the Way



Literally made an account just to post this. The only repeatability I could get was to be wreckless, seemed to bounce coins better. Also note I did NOT get 13 in a row, I think 11 total. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/skittles2309/video/70314596

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I found this challenge about a bazillion times easier in the HITMAN 2 Legacy Pack than I did in HITMAN, for some reason. On the other hand, the Legacy version of Slam Dunk was way, way harder than it was in HITMAN for me.

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I agree. If you correctly understand the mechanics of the challenge, then it becomes quite simple to perform it



This updated map site actually has Hitman 2 levels in addition to the Hitman levels FYI: https://hitman2maps.com/