Hitman 2 best game ever!


Just happened upon this…went to the guard shack in the beginning of Whittleton Creek and got into the face of the guard and he belly bumped me out of the way with a few choice words, and also starting sniffing under women dresses at the bbq, they also had some dialogue that was funny…I’m glad IO has a sense of humor for us perv’s, hope they keep it up…this is way better than Blood Money. (This is the perfect Hitman game…freedom oh the freedom).

Love the briefcase…so nice to hear accents in Mambai…47 doesn’t walk like a girl…Hitman is back baby (I can finally remove my 47 with a dress - yeah still have it on disk) I replaced the icon with PRIDE thanks IO you did a great job with Hitman 2…still a little butt hurt about the suits, but the levels are so Great I can forgive the suits not porting over.


still on the Mumbai level. Had some trouble navigating around and getting lost in the slums. The locations and level design seems to be good so far.


Yeah, it’s so massive…it took me a while, I just hung around and soaked up conversations, it gives clues sometimes…Whittleton Creek you will enjoy…it is smaller, the map is kinda layed out like the boardgame Clue…I can’t wait for Hitman 3.

On Mambai I would suggest turning on story missions, and then you can kinda figure out how the feats and discoveries work…that’s how I had to struggle through it…Mambai was the hardest level for me so far…The level will tax your brain, but it’s the best stealth puzzle game I have ever played.


Whittleton Creek is probably my favourite as well. The maps are huge and it takes up half of your time looking at the scenery before you even start the mission haha :wink:


It is an amazing game. I just started playing it a couple days ago and can already tell it’s epic. Started on the Paris level. Working to get the Santa suit.


Just finished Whittleton creek. Personally not a fan of it, or suburban small town levels in games. Same as a New life in Blood money. Uninteresting, too confined and restrictive. Not much ways to kill or hide bodies inside the houses, and you are in tight-closed quarters next to the guards. The level did look nice graphically.

Mumbai was challenging at first and had that close feel in the slums, but you can also escape easily to avoid guards or blend into the crowd. Plus it was a lot bigger. Also I prefer exotic or dark/gritty locations like from Contracts.


I kinda agree. While I really wanted to like Whittleton Creek, it just doesn’t feel like there’s much going on. A majority of the people who could have been in their houses doing different things are at the Wilson’s BBQ and every house is quite cookie-cutter.

While there are highlights like Helen West and that bloody rake (I love it so much), the levels just feels very uneventful.


Not to mention the fact that the map could have been so much more. Some local shops, the church as seen in the distance, an expansion on the woods. Just having it be some houses was a big mistake imo.


You see I love those kind of levels, loved it more the fact it reminded me of A New Life. Loved the whole setting and atmosphere.


I too recognized and appreciated the added masculine swagger.

So far I really like Mumbai, Santa Fortuna, and warming up to Miami. I dunno if i am paying more attention but i like the targets better around this time.

I like Robert Knox, Jorge Franco, Dawood Rangan, and Alma Reynard.

Hitman season 1 and 2 combined is pretty soild


Why are yall hating on whittleton creek? to me it is the level with the most charm and character and I always watch the starting cutscene just to hear the sweet soundtrack


Yet to play Isle of Sgail?
Best level in Hitman franchise.


I must admit, Beldingford Manor and Traditions of the Trade are two of my favourite Hitman levels of all time.

But I do love Whittleton Creek Creek, definitely in my top 10.


I disagree with this notion of opening every house in WC and having people do things in them for one reason. It is a suburb and it may comes as a shock to you but people who live in middle class suburbs are boring people who do boring things all the time. Unless IO make every single person in WC a serial killer, clapped out secret service agent or drug trafficker then there is just as little going on. All the houses in WC tell some form of story with or without occupants.


I have no idea what you are saying? The graphics look great…it matches the look in season 1…the mechanics in H2 are really fluid, the new addition
of the briefcase has many uses, can increase the potential of it by implementing drones, self-destruct items that can be placed in the briefcase to get rid of evidence (I think IO can really expand on this for H3)…possibilities are endless.

Yes you are limited on hiding bodies…short of setting fire or having a oil drum with acid to dump the bodies in…I really don’t know what they can do?

If you just hang out you can get back stories and info on the missions…doesn’t seem boring to me I like how the game sets you up to gather intel, you don’t always have to finish the mission in 3 seconds, become absorbed in the lore of being a Hitman. If you are just trying to be the fastest on a world leaderboard you are missing the point of Hitman IMHO…and if you think it is too easy, play on master level with all options turned off and no mini map, then come back and tell me how easy it is.

Love how you can find hidden passages like in Blood Money…(brings back a sort of nostalgia from the older games)…but after playing the new and improved Hitman games, I no longer feel the urge to return back to Blood Money or the other older games. (Never have I thought I would say this).


This is actually possible in the game.


Yeah , but not in Whittleton Creek that I know of?
Sapienza had acid containers.


Helen West has an incinerator in her “Murder Basement”…


I guess there is multiple ways to kill and hide bodies…guess it proves my point, you just have to experiment with the environment.


Best level in the series!?

My issue with sgail was the lack of dynamic areas. In Columbia you had the village, lab and house. In Miami you had the race area and expo but in sgail it was all just “castle”. Don’t get me wrong I love the level I just think it isn’t the best EVER