Hitman 2 best game ever!


So you are deciding the rating of level design by its monotony?
In appearance it is a castle everywhere, but there are lot if different places within the castle,
Just like Paris. Its a palace all over the level indoor and outdoor. And that was best level design for season 1.


Please don’t compare Paris (GOAT) to Isle of Sgail which is decent at best. Thanks.


Opinions exist you know


Oh Forthe is aware of that fact. He is unaware of their subjectivity though.:smiling_imp:


Isle of Sgail has everything that Paris lacks. So it makes Isle of Sgail GOAT.


Sure, that’s why someone can LIKE another map as their personal favorite. But from a level design perspective Paris is objectively the greatest map in the entire series, by a longshot.

Yeah no, not really, not at all. Isle of Sgail is at the level of Marrakesh and Bangkok, decent, and can be really fun for some people. But does not come close to Paris


Paris is Great map for me. And it’s subjective. There is no way it can be objectified.
But Isle of Sgail steals the show when it comes to comparison. Showstopper stop a bit behind.


My favorite mission of the new games tied with hokkaido, but contract’s beldingford manor and ToT are still my favourites by a small margin
The atmosphere is Sgail is amazing and has that gritty tone the new games lack


Paris steals the show gameplay wise, and as always gameplay is the single most important aspect of hitman by far. Isle of sgail is weak


Yes Isle of Sgail is perfect in everything. The environment and level design are at the top. Nothing comes close.


Wrong. It is as important as the appeal.


Nope you are wrong. Gameplay is the most important, fact. You thinking isle of sgail is perfect is laughable


its not perfect but its the closest its been, paris is awesome but everyone has an opinion.


No paris is the closest to perfection. Isle of sgail is bangkok level max, just decent, nothing special


To be fair, all the levels in Hitman 2 are equally as good for me.

With Hitman (2016) there was some levels I didn’t like, for example Bangkok! I hated that level. However, with Hitman 2 every level I throughly enjoy! Columbia and Whittleton Creek are top two but the others are equally on par for me too.


Paris wasn’t monotonous though, each floor felt like a new challenge with different opportunities. Sgail was all just scattered castle buildings. I enjoyed sgail but it was defo bottom two levels in the game for me


Whittleton Creek is one of my favorite levels in the whole series… Not to mention this one is called Another Life and it reminds me of A New Life level from Blood Money…

Truly amazing.