Hitman 2 Broken

Earlier this year I completed Hitman 2 and recently I wanted to go back and complete all of the opportunities like I did with the first game, however I start my game and I am not able to access missions as it says, “Get Access”.
I uninstalled the game and downloaded it again but this did nothing, I have all content needed and have had it installed since launch.
I’m not sure why this is happening, could someone please let me know why this is happening and how I could fix it? Beneath is an images showing what is coming up, I would also include another picture showing I have achievements but I can only include one screenshot.

It looks like the platform you play on is Xbox One. There are several recent reports similar to this one on the forum. I suggest you post this again on the thread below. This can get annoying, but please be patient. I hope your issue will get fixed soon. :slight_smile:

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Hello there and welcome to the forum. It looks like Xbox and there are a number of reports of this problem. Thankfully I’ve not encountered it myself as it looks a real pain. Well, I have encountered it in the past but not for six months or so. Happened three or four times for no apparent reason, although removing the early-access sniper assassin game did cause the problem on two of my Xboxes. On one I deleted everything and reinstalled it, on the other the problem just went away by itself.

Best of luck and yes, as @Yellow_ZR1 wrote, put it in the bug report thread. The text you see in that post above has been read and responded-to by someone at IOI so more evidence there should help push it up the priority list.


I never reported it but I have this issue since the game was released

Oh dear. please post in the bug port thread as noted above, if you have time. IOI are aware of the problem so I’d suggest writing a description of anything you know about it. Cheers!