Hitman 2 Can't go Online

Hello couple days ago i bought hitman 2 but i cant get acces to the online mode direct at start i get the rror connection faild.
connection whits hitman 2 service not possible. saving dynamic resources failed: no such file or directory. for more information contact the hitman2 support

Platform: Steam (PC)
PC Restart dont work, Repair of the gamedata dont fixed it

can enenyone help ?

Yesterday some downtimes were reported. Statistics and current status can be found here: https://hitmanstat.us/

Currently all seems fine. How long are you trying it? Since when you bought it?

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since two weeks i try it every day more times

That is weird. If you installed it properly and have no issue with other games, you might want to contact your ISP if there is a problem on their side.
However the error message you get implies it is a problem with the game files.

saving dynamic resources failed: no such file or directory.

Sadly I don’t know which resources are meant here. Usual fixes in other games is to just delete the files and let Steam redownload them. Tagging @Hardware who might know which files are meant.

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yea idk i delet right now 1 data and try to repair maybe it will works otherwise i try to delet the game and install it again cause all other games work normaly

New Installation of game brings same porblem

Try to delete this folder including the stuff in it.

C:\Users\ your name \AppData\Roaming\Io Interactive\HITMAN2

Not sure what it does but maybe it is corrupted and maybe it gets not fixed during regular reinstall.

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i dont can find anny io interactive folder in there

Then I have no idea left. Gonna tag @ioi_christianco oo who might be able to help.

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Thank you i found it as i try to find the folder i try to make a folder whits the same name and its worked

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So you made this folder and suddenly it works? Wow cool. Was really just a wild guess!


This is indeed the solution, create the folder (or the rpkg file) instead of the game because of a sharing violation. Gj @Urben

More info on this topic :


Thanks @Urben, and sorry @andre_hansen I am only seeing this now.
We have never seen this issue before, so I opened a bug report in our tracking system to try to pinpoint how this can happen, and see if we can find a fallback solution.

Thanks for reporting !


You can find more information on this issue with this procmon example :