Hitman 2 - Chasing a Ghost (MASTER) - Mumbai (Silent Assassin/Suit Only Default)

This is my run TOP 25 WW of Hitman 2 Mumbai Master. Really happy with this one. Silent Assassin/Suit Only - Default starting items and locations works, but I for some reason equipped the fish. Didn’t end up using it though. I am borrowing from CJ’s Professional strategy for this routing using the 3 battery method. Differences are:

  • Shooting the camera by the wall on the way to the first battery
  • Holding the door open of the Crow entrance and waiting three seconds after the guard drinks the water and shooting the glass on the other side to get them to run out of the room.
  • Shooting on the way down the stairs to make the guards turn around, and again at the end of the hallway to turn them back around. They kept spotting me running past so I had to add a second shot to the run.
  • Picking up the battery on the way out of the Crow’s hideout instead of the one inside.
  • Throwing the battery across to where I will run, then picking up the battery by the car and using that on Vanya Shah.
  • Shooting once at the camera instead of twice to get the woman to walk inside the building.

Thanks CJ! I’ll give it another go with these suggestions :slight_smile:

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Top 20!

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