HITMAN 2 Cheat Menu Coming soon

Hello guys i have made myself a Cheat Menu from HBM cheat menu to HITMAN2 gonna release it soon 10-1568220473-1545992554


There are already several trainers, tbh, like WeMod or Geekysomething.


Thank you for your work dude, the modding community is DELIGHTFUL with Hitman 2 :ok_hand:

I have yet to understand how one can use a template of a cheat menu on one engine (Glacier 1 in this case) and then somehow utilize it on another engine (Glacier 2 in this case). I just don’t get it. From my understanding a typical cheat menu changes the values of specific addresses, causing shit to happen, isn’t that supposed to be tailored differently for every engine?

Design is from hbm cheat menu You can use a noclip, different disguises ,drop weapons, Teleport Everymap different locations, invisible mode, free camera and of course beam here :smiley:

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Yeah i get the features, just not how it works technically. That is awesome by the way. I like free cam and noclip in all games.

Yes, it will take a moment to get the game information up coordinates for example each game maps has different locations And for general locations where teleportation is common, I even have to enter the player’s coordinates inside the game in order for the teleportation to be successful This takes time so I think HITMAN3 has already had time to publish when this cheat menu is released, but it’s ok because ioi don’t focus on HITMAN2 anymore

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The cheat menu looks like this ingame
updates, Added while you open menu game goes pause, Address and offset taken from Item selector menu


This is lookin’ really interesting.

Can’t wait until this is released, looks awesome.

Here is alpha version of Menu,

Can you also freeze the timer?