Hitman 2 - Complete List of Unlocks

it still is, the aiming reticule is tighter by default and you can hold the button to make it more so

Right… i wish the Lily was the same making it not obsolete

Hm… If I can use all unlocks from Hitman 1 (2016) in Hitman 2 (2018) I think it’s easier for me to unlock all I need for the first ET, it will be easier for me to master all missions in the Legacy Pack, I still remember most of those missions.

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That wont help getting tonlearn the news ET maps though


In the legacy pack, you now can grab and knock people out with a frying pan found in the basement sushi chef area. I don’t remember this in original Season 1, but it is in the new Legacy Pack.

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No it won’t, but I have played the Miami mission couple times, so I’m starting to learn the map, but it’s still easier for me to unlock Hitman 2016 items.

I was like 90% sure I looked through that thread already but I guess not lol. Thanks dude you’re a legend!

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Howdy! I am a Hitman (2016) player who just bought Hitman 2 and I have a question;

If, in Hitman 2, I unlock an item like the Napoleon explosive in classic Paris, or the Dead Fish in HM2 Miami, can I equip them on ANY map, (new or old), in Hitman 2? Could I equip the Napoleon explosive in Miami, or the Fish in Paris for example, or are they restricted to classic vs. new map items?

Sorry if this has been mentioned, but I didn’t see if find the specific answer in my searches for info. Thanks in advance.

You can equip them everywhere you want. If you unlock an item in Paris, that is the legacy pack inside Hitman 2 of course, then that item you unlocked can be use in Miami or any other map of Hitman 2 missions.


Hmmm… the Bangkok Sniper Assassin was pretty easy for me in Bangkok.

You just have to smuggle your Sniper Rifle to the Queen’s Suite (which should now be peanuts to do). Then do the Ken Morgan Queen suite opportunity. KO both Ken Morgan and his guard. Snipe Jordan Cross from the Queen Suite. Snipe Ken Morgan pointblank.


Or just get them both to the queen suite, throw a flash grenade, shoot them and leave.


I don’t like my chance with the guards… :stuck_out_tongue: Though that would work. Yes.

I smuggled into 47s, shot Ken from the balcony, went up to the Queen Suite balcony, got around to the Jordan Cross sniper window, killed him then ran back.

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That solution is also easier now in HITMAN 2 I think…

The reason I do the Ken Morgan Suite opportunity though is of course to clear Queen Suite of any workers.
But that is because I am just a mere mortal. :stuck_out_tongue:

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So, I got pretty excited with all the Classic challenges because I was expecting (stupid of my part) that maybe the Classic Lockpick and the Black Leather Briefcase would offer something a bit more game changing compared to standard equipment, but they are just reskins.

if you are part of the “cool kids” club who rushed through the levels SA/SO on Master difficulty first while deluded thinking you were going to get something epic, I dedicate this GIF to us:

Oh well. At least the lockpick, briefcase, suit and coins look cool and don’t have pink stickers “signature look of MKII”.


Asuming there will be a Hitman 3 or season 3 game coming along to finish the story arc etc., has there been any official info yet whether this would mean a third round of unlocking all the gear of season 1 and 2 and redoing all the challanges and opportunities from both 2016 and 2018 in the third game?

Ask this question in 2-3 years when HITMAN 3 is about to be released.

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Awesome stuff…I completed all of the legacy pack and 3 or the six maps in Hitman 2 in Master SASO and Sniper Assassin. I should be up there with you in a couple days. But I’m going slowly…I am really taking my time and savoring everything as I go…I like to really explore and find all the secrets in these maps as I go.

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I wonder how many future players will be annoyed that they’ll be locked out of getting the Explosive Pen simply because they purchased the game late and didn’t get to play The Undying…

They’ll never get to have all the unlocks.

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