Hitman 2 - Complete List of Unlocks

Didn’t it always look like a katane. If not then my bad. I remeber that in inventory it was black but inventory is one thing and gameplay is other.

It’s not the fact it looks like a katana. That part we love! But the concern is that in the artwork that previewed the unlock it was a very different appearance to the black Mesamune we all remember from Hitman 1.



Maybe it just followes the same issue the striker had?

I still dont know how that one happend, to be honest.

Actually, that looks more like the Tanto than the Masamune. Maybe they used the wrong stock image?

Ok. That makes sense. I knew there was a reason why this would be different.
I just could think picture it.
If there a place with a lot of traffic, the wrong target could walk by a standard proximity device.
(like 47 for one - which I have done.).

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This is incorrect now.


I guess this confirms that the Masamune got a new look


Edit: Allthough I’m looking at some H2016 Masmune images and I can’t see any difference. The preview image has the blacked out Masmune but the in-game images looks similar to the Masmune in Hitman 2.


Dunno. I’ll wait and see in-game. I don’t trust the placeholders or the inventory pictures because more usual than not they show wrong details.


I don’t have

  • White Yukata
  • Snow Festival Suit
  • Tuxedo with Mask and Gloves
  • Ice Pick

I missed those events. I hope I can still get them in future events.

My guess is like Holiday hoarders the snow festival will return

Get the Kiwi on there :smirk::wink:

… with loads and tons of improvements.
After Holiday Hoarders it was great disappointment to see this lame try of piece of work


At least the reward looks nice enough, though. Snow Festival Suit became my default suit in Hokkaido after unlocking it.

Anyway, IO has made the Halloween escalation a permanent addition. I don’t see any reason for them to keep these seasonal contents away from us. I’d like to see them become permanent when they are reintroduced.


The only map where it looks reasonable :smile:

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Well if you consider ‘Arrival’ as a map, that makes it two maps! :helicopter:

At least you can walk around the helipad, right? :wink:

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New unlocks from the November roadmap:

Isle of Sgail

The Arkian Tuxedo (Suit) - Complete “Blake’s Endeavour” challenge pack in Isle of Sgail

Haven Island

The Buccaneer (Suit) - Complete all levels of “The Bartholomew Hornswoggle” Escalation Contract in Haven Island


Claw Hammer (Tool) - Complete the “Plumber’s Apprentice” challenge pack in Sapienza
Jaeger 7 Covert (Sniper Rifle) - Complete the “Master Sniper” challenge pack in Sapienza

EDIT: Add Correction:
“The great heist” challenge pack is now renamed “Breaking and Entering”
ICA Titanium Crowbar (Tool) – Complete “Breaking and Entering” challenge pack in Whittleton Creek

Source: November Roadmap (from Youtube)


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