Hitman 2 - constant crashing with 0x80000003

@misterkiller It works pretty well, no crash or freeze during gameplay. However, since the last game update, game can crash when loading a ghost mode map.

Exception code : 0xc0000005
Exception offset : 0x00000000010bf7e6 (always the same)

I reported this issue on Official Bug Thread.

The game has crashed 6 times in these cisconstantes since May 1st. But I played a lot ghost mode since the last update, over 200 matches.

Update to 430.64, 430.39 is bugged with HITMAN 2.


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  • FIXED [Hitman 2 DirectX 12]: The game crashes. [2584342]

Ok, thanks.
I’m still running 430.64, was doubting if I should upgrade.
With this second to new one I had pretty much same you described.
With my current I have no problems at all. Will try to upgrade then

I don’t understand. You said you’re still running 430.64 but you will try to upgrade. Because 430.64 is the latest, you can’t upgrade ^^

What is your current driver ?

Oh, I was confused.
That Nvidia Experience panel not so convenient.
This version I pointed is pending.
My current is 425.31 and it delivers me no problems

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The drivers 420.39 was a horrible mess for Hitman 2 dx12, the game froze and you couldn’t kill it with task-manager. If you managed to get Hitman 2 running again you had two games running which made a horrible FPS drop in game, and the crashes were still present very frequently. You had to reboot the system to play again.

Have no update on 430.64 though. But my recommendation, stay with the drivers that works!

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Originally tried 430.64 when it wasn’t running and it made no difference, dx11 crashed and dx12 blue screened, but since I have it running reliably now I’ll try the update and see how it goes!

What the hell is going with Windows process

Anyone has freezes and crashes of HITMAN 2 connected with this dll?
I can’t play game today after booting…

UPD: rebooted my PC and everything works fine as usual.
But… some shit’s happening…

MMDevApi is for Audio. Perhaps you need to update your sound driver.

Additional Perspective on the 0x80000003 error: I’m able to replicate the error when I run the game on an Intel GPU (Intel UHD Graphics 620, 128MB display memory) even when I bring the graphical settings all the way down to 320x240 with everything on low. This could suggest that the error is a result of the graphics card unable to handle the graphical intensity of certain maps (Isle of Sgail is susceptible to these crashes, sometimes before the level even loads).

I also noted that, for Mumbai at least, the game crashing that occurs right after saves tends to occur if I make saves after killing lots of civilians. It seems that, for Mumbai at least, the bodies of killed civilians do not despawn, and loading the save will crash the game. Civilians also don’t run away and despawn (unlike the protest crowd in Marrakesh). Thus the GPU may be unable to handle the save loading.

I will see if DX12 has any effect on the rate of crashes for an Intel GPU.

You can have the 0x80000003 TDR issue with a RTX2080ti, I don’t think it’s related to that.

If you want more information about that, look this topic :

I encountered a similiar crash, not the 0x80000…3 but the 0x5000…3 one.
That only happened after I played a few other games before starting HITMAN 2, namely PUBG and AC: Origins.

After I restarted the PC the next day, I didn’t encounter that crash anymore.
Before I restarted it, I could reproduce it every time I started the game.

I don’t know if that helps though. :smiley:
Probably not.

Has anyone found a reliable solution for this issue? No matter what versions of drivers I try, the game still crashes after a random (usually less than an hour) period of time trying to play in dx 12. Dx 12 runs much better for me than 11 so I prefer to keep trying to get it to work, but these crashes mean I have to do any master mode or elusive target gameplay in dx 11.

Short answer :

  • Use DXVK. It’s the most reliable solution If DX12 doesn’t works for you.

Long answer :

Unless I’m misreading that, it seems to just run DX11 if I had an issue with that? My DX11 runs fine, its just less performance than DX12. The crashing for me is only with DX12. I was hoping there was a solution so I could run DX12 but I guess I’ll just keep running DX11 for now.

So use DX11. I have 0x80000003 exception with both DX11 and DX12 now. DX12 was working well with my setup between April and August 2019, now both API crash. In this case, DXVK can help.

I think most of people in this topic don’t play Hitman anymore because of this 10 months-bug.

How can i fix this bug? i can’t play H2 because the game crash everytime,
I’ve been waiting since May for a fix from IOI , this is ridiculous…

So is there a fix yet? I just read through 477 replies and 71 pages on the Steam page about this crash, and NOTHING has fixed it.

EDIT: No, the below link does NOT fix this issue!