Hitman 2 - constant crashing with 0x80000003


It seems incredible that we have to threaten to take legal action against IO Interactive so that you bother to reply to the affected users and to acknowledge the issue. Anyway, thank you @Clemens_IOI


Thank you very much @Clemens_IOI . Do you know why this issue has been raised to the QA team almost 2 months after the first players feedbacks ? It’s hard to understand for such a serious problem.

Does the QA team need crash dump or any debug information to help them ?


I’m sorry you guys are experiencing this bug :frowning: All I can say is that it has been reported some time ago, and our QA Team is working as hard as they can on a fix. I’ll keep you guys in the loop when they give me some feedback on this issue.


To all those who encounter this problem, run the two commands below in a Powershell console (search Windows Powershell in start menu) to generate your crash list for both events ID 1000 & 4101 :

Get-EventLog -LogName "Application" `
 | where { $_.eventID -eq 1000 -and $_.message -like "*hitman2*" } `
 | Export-Csv -Path "$([Environment]::GetFolderPath("MyDocuments"))\CrashList-EventID1000.csv" -NoTypeInformation
Get-EventLog -LogName "System" -Source "Display" `
 | where { $_.eventID -eq 4101 } `
 | Export-Csv -Path "$([Environment]::GetFolderPath("MyDocuments"))\CrashList-EventID4101.csv" -NoTypeInformation

Like this :

Files are generated here : C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents


And copy your crash dump located here : %LOCALAPPDATA%\CrashDumps


Compress and upload all these files.

Here’s my report archive for QA team : https://mega.nz/#!h9ATBarL!3GjlVlq9gwcL2_2n7pC69yhCimtucxNac_ILbXtgZMg

Specs :

  • Windows 10 Professional 1803
  • Intel Core i7 9700K 4.9 GHz
  • MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Gaming X Trio
  • 16 GB DDR4 2666 MHz
  • Nvidia drivers : 417.35

@Travis_IOI @Clemens_IOI


Thank you very much @Clemens_IOI
Happy to know you are currently working on fixing the issue with high priority.


Well i’m glad to see that at least they aknowledge the issue and hopefully there’s a fix asap.


Disabling all but one audio device eliminates the vast majority of AkMixer crashes

but I still get one when I play the ‘Another Life’ level

(42dc.2d30): Break instruction exception - code 80000003 (first chance)
00000001`411561cd cc int 3


Hey, I have an RTX 2080 and my game will crash randomly, usually around every 1-2 hours playing. It’s really annoying and I spent alot on the Gold edition because I wanted to support IOI, seeing that this problem has been happening for months with no fix is really sad and inexcusable. Why does what is meant to be one of the best GPUs have problems whereas old GPUs don’t? This is really strange…


Nah old gpu’s crash too.


yep some 1080 owners are seeing 0x80000003 too.
Not sure if its the same offset though…


To clarify, I played for hours on my old EVGA 970 SSC without a crash ever, but on the 2070 XC Utra gaming I’m lucky if I can make it more than a couple minutes in any level without this gamebreaking crash to desktop.

Some people don’t even get crashes on 970s, but 10x do crash and I suspect 20x crash with reckless abandon.


@Clemens_IOI @Travis_IOI Please, could you share with us any news or update about the fix the QA Team is working on?


the issue has been acknowledged by IOI, there’s nothing on our side that we can do to fix it, we must wait for a game update


Any feedback on this issue yet? Surprised it has lingered so long.


Today New Nvidia Driver update 417.71 which fix the Hitman 2 Problem

Issues and updates:
2079538-Random DPC watchdog violation error when using multiple GPUs on motherboards with PLX chips -> Use the following tool to enable MSI mode as a temporary workaround (only apply changes to each NVIDIA GPU installed):

2107201-Cursor shows brief corruption when hovering on certain links in Firefox/Steam
2449346-The Witcher 3 will BSOD with Bad Spooler error randomly during gameplay
2451459-Batman: Arkham Origins: Physx fog rendering incorrectly
2453173-ARK Survival may crash with bad pool caller error and eventual BSOD
2482041-Hitman2: Crash in 0x80000003 breakpoint
2453059-Random desktop flicker on some multi-display PCs


I already installed the new driver but still the same Problem.

i8700k with RTX 2080


Yeah me too. Nvidia just trolling us with a fix… same problem again and again … i delete the game now…Unbenannt

My Hardware: 8700k with 2080 RTX


Did a clean install of the Nvidia driver released today. No change. Still getting 0x80000003.


The “2482041-Hitman2: Crash in 0x80000003 breakpoint” is one of the open issues with this driver, it means that has been acknowledged by Nvidia but not yet fixed

I think so because the other listed issues were already there in older drivers releases


The new drivers din’t fix the problem. 5 mins in to the mission and i crash.