Hitman 2 - constant crashing with 0x80000003


Enabling VSync and setting the interval to 1 seems to make the game much more stable, but it eventually crashes with:

Exception code: 0x80000003
Fault offset: 0x0000000001150925

The 0x8000003 crash is preserved within the save game file (the game crashes when the last save game is loaded), so maybe its a data corruption problem.


My plan is try and lower it to V-Sync Interval 2 if the game crashes again.


Enabled Vsync again, still the same Problem. Maybe it was a mistake selling my old GTX 1070…


Vsync Interval 2 worked (this time) but 30 fps are a pain in the a**


The game crashed very quickly in Whittleton Creek today with V-sync and V-Sync Interval 1 enabled. I have now tried to lower it two Interval 2.


With VSync disabled the game would crash in 15 minutes almost every time.
But with VSync enabled I can play it for an hour without crashing.

Would be nice if DX12 was up and running in the next patch, maybe it will resolve this problem for us 2080 owners.


Negative game review on Steam until IO Interactive fix it. Regards.


Same here, only lies and bullshit from them. Negative review and i will advise anyone i know against buying this game. I couldn’t play for 2 months since i got the rtx 2080. And to make things worse, i bought the 2 expansions pass too with the game. What a waste of money


@Travis_IOI @Clemens_IOI Please, add a pinned post on steam forum about crashing issues. 2 months and 2 weeks after first reports, no official thread on steam is not acceptable. People have paid for this game.

Page 1 :

Page 2 :


Whittleton Creek is the worst offender when it comes to crashes. I managed to beat all the other levels on Master difficulty including Finish Line and Isle of Sgail (even though they lag like crazy) but Whittleton Creek crashes Hitman after half an hour at max.


I agree with that, that one crashes on me more than any other level.


The game havn’t crashed in Whittleton Creek when I use V-sync + Interval 2. The frame rate is slower, but I’ll take it over the game crashing every 5 min.


It’s been a month + since i bought my gold edition and i still can’t play the game. I’m also leaving a negative review on steam and telling everyone i know to stay away from the game.


Random slowdown bug?

Tl;dr- I get one second of normal speed, and one second of 50% speed, constantly- in and out of game. Even text in the menu slows down. What can I do to fix it?

My 1080 Ti crapped out last month and I just got the replacement from Asus. Updated drivers, reinstalled games, etc. For some reason though, I keep getting a weird phenomenon where everything in Hitman will start slowing down and going back to normal in an endless cycle. I noticed it as soon as I started the first mission- the brief intro cinematic would start normal, but every second or two would slow way down, then recover, and then slow way down again, and so on. I then noticed that the rotating text in the menu does the same thing. “Anisotropic x16” will scroll briefly at normal speed, then slow down, and keep cycling like that.

What do I do to fix this? I’ve tried dropping all the settings to minimum didn’t fix it, reinstall didn’t fix it, driver update didn’t fix it. I dunno if it’s CPU or GPU. Any ideas?


Maybe you should start a new thread. This thread is for the 0x80000003 crash.


Those who experiencing this crash code, have you done defragmentation of your disks?
Recently I had this code, but then I did defragmentation of all my disks on computer and yesterday I have 6:10:10 run in one location without any problems. It was my longest rally to date.
Before defragmentation my game was crashing after 2:40 of gameplay.
So, try to do it. On every single disk of your computer desirable.

I should add: do the defragmentation manually. It may be scheduled and shown that it was yesterday. Ignore it. Run it manually. Not analisys. Defragmentation itself. On all the discs. Even those which has 0-1%


I’m running on an SSD, you cannot defrag an SSD. I’ve ran on several SSDs

I know for a fact it has nothing to do with hard drives.

Like everyone else who thinks they’ve found a solution, you can get positive results after trying anything, it doesn’t mean the problem has went away.

Not knocking your idea, but that is the nature of random crashes, sometimes they just don’t happen

Also 80000003 is the generic error handler, so your error might not even be the same ones we’ve been having :stuck_out_tongue:


New H2 patch is out now, playing it offline for the moment to see if it crashes…


People on steam report that it still crashes


i installed the update
the game still crashes when i load a save…