Hitman 2 - constant crashing with 0x80000003


For 3 months unfortunately they did nothing. They acknowledged the issue and then silence. They didn’t pinned any post on steam stating that the game is broken so i and others would not waste our money and they did nothing to alleviate the situation.

I honestly tell you, this is the only game in my steam library that is not working for 3 months now.

I paid good money for a game that is unplayable and what tops it all is that there are people that encounter this crashes on non RTX cards.

I will talk with my attorney this weekend and i will send you a PM. I’m really here not to throw shit on the developers but to have my and others hard worked money back. Even NMS that was a pure scam at launch, was more playable than this sadly


They will refund the game for you if you ask them to.

I think the biggest part of the problem is that this is happening on the RTX line. This is elite level hardware that the game was basically built for.

There’s no way IOI AND Nvidia didn’t know that there was a real problem between Hitman 2 and RTX cards.

You can’t play this game on 4K with any other hardware so they MUST have done testing on RTX cards.

I don’t want a refund. I want more.



How can i get a refund?, i mean, i want to play it but a this point i have only 10hs of played time and they are over the days trying to figure it out if there is a fix for the crashes.
At this point i am not just frustrated but very angry too lol, i am done with this.
And very disappointed with IOI.


You can’t, you are only able to refund games on steam if you played the game less then two hours and if it’s within the 14 days of the purchase.

But may I suggest you try the following, this have worked for me. Enable V-sync and either V-sync Interval 1 or 2. Play bit around with Interval 1 and 2, after using Interval 2 I havn’t experienced a crash at all. But it might change from map to map.

Getting a more stable FPS seems to fix crash related problems, it’s worth a try. Until IO is able patch it out.


It seems to be a shader related crash, so I wonder… if we use SweetFX (Reshade) to replace a lot of the shaders, maybe it will resolve the problem for us until IOI fix it :thinking:


Hey! I just want to confirm what @Clemens_IOI said above that we know about this issue, it’s tracked, conversations are ongoing internally at IOI and also with our friends at Nvidia to work towards a solution.

Of course, we want to address it as soon as possible and when we have something to share, we’ll let you know.


In other words


Glad to know that it’s being worked on, I found a “fix” that worked for me and I can easily live with it.


Yeah - no offense, but the problem persisted in Hitman 1 and I was plagued with 2 years without a bloody fix. People scoffed at me, assuming I had some type of dumbarse ‘potato’ but here is the exact same problem - only it’s now affecting more people.

I hold no faith in IO being able to fix this problem. NONE!


I dont think Season 1 had this same 0x80000003 problem.
The only crash I got with Season 1 was 0xc0000005


I had it several time in season 1, showstopper.


It did - trust me. I had this issue quite a lot and it was prevalent… which is WHY I was happy when Hitman 2 first came out. When it was release Nov 10th - I played without a single crash till 21st December when they updated… and since then it’s been crash after crash ever since.

IO screwed the game up - it was working and they cocked it up.


@Clemens_IOI @Travis_IOI Thank you for the official thread on steam mentioning this issue, it’s important for the community to easily track updates coming from you, most people never check topic on hitmanforum.com and need to have an official interlocutor on the targeted platform.


witch fix worked for u?


Finally! Thanks, that’s nice. Please, keep us informed.


Hi, same problem for me…

I have being playing Hitman 2 without issues for about 2 weeks, then since 4 days ago the game started crashing in a random way.

It doesn’t let me play for more than 1 or 2 minutes, sometimes just a few seconds…

I have already check window event log and there are no alerts, no errors… so I can’t understand what is happening.

Here you are my computer specs:

  • CPU: i7 7820x + RAM: 4x8GB Corsair Vengance LPX 3000MHz CL15
  • MB: Gigabyte Aorus X299 Gaming 3 Pro
  • GPU: Gigabyte Aorus RTX 2080 Ti Xtreme 11G
  • HD: Samsung EVO 970 NVMe 500GB M.2 + 2x WD Black 1TB (RAID 0) + 2x WD blue 1TB (Data)
  • PSU: Corsair AX870 80+ Platinum
  • Monitor: Acer Predator Z35P 120Mhz G-sync (Main) + Acer S271Hl 60Hz (Secondary)
  • Case: Phanteks Enthoo Evolv X USB 3.1 Template Crystal
  • SO: Win 10 Pro 64bits

My nvidia drivers are the 417.71 (latest ones)

Anyway… I’m glad to read that IOI support and Nvidia are both working on a fix :sweat_smile:


Using V-sync and V-sync Interval 2


So a user in steam by the name of Player1 respond to a thread of someone that his game crashes all the time and put this:

Disable picture in picture under gameplay options see if that fixes it.

If you know how to check the error in Event Viewer this how I resolved my crashes.
0x80000003 = Disable Picture in Picture
0x80000005 = Use borderless full screen (in graphics options it is just labeled as Fullscreen)

All this time i couldnt play more than a minute of the snow festival and this is the first time i see someone saying to disable picture in picture, so i tried it and for the first time ever i could complete the mission without any crash so i don’t know if it is completely fixed it but for now it looks like it.
if someone can try it too to be sure, it would be nice, if i crash in the future i let you guys know !.


Placebo effect, i have crashed with it off too. Just random luck.


With VSync Disabled and running in Fullscreen mode, I could barely play the game… it always crashed within the first 15 minutes.

After I Enabled VSync, and switched to Windowed Mode, I could play the game for hours, no crash.
(PIP enabled)


Well then this problem is super weird haha, i couldnt play more that a minute of the snow festival ever!, it crashed always within a minute, sometimes would be the 20 sec mark and others maybe at 40 or 60sec but it always crashed for me until i disabled PIP, i was already running the game on windowed mode.
Now i feel like i am gonna crash again in the future if it didnt work for everyone at least it helped me trough the snow festival lol.