Hitman 2 - constant crashing with 0x80000003


Well that was a wasted ET!!!

Grabbed the book, left the room, game crashed with a 0x80000003 error. Now it shows I failed the ET because I completed 1 of the objectives. This has been the single worst thing to deal with, 3 months and all we get is we are aware of it and working on it. We really need a definitive date for this to get fixed, out source it if you need to. I love Hitman games (1300hrs in the Hitman 2016) but I regret ever buying this in it’s current state. What’s worse is I bought the gold edition and it’s just constantly giving me the finger.


Game still crashing like crazy on some days, like today. Io guys are imcompetent as fuck.


It is definitely time they fix this shit.
Fucking losers. Can’t even build a game that runs…


Damn the amount of anger in this thread…and I thought stuff like distractions not working properly, broken SA mechanics, muted audio for dummy Mumbai NPCs etc in the PS4 was bad but all of it seems trivial compared to the PC versions…

The absolute incompetence of the QA team at IOI and the seemingly uninterrupted trend of breaking something with each patch is downright appalling…


Please, stay respectful guys. You can not imagine the level of complexity of a game like this, it’s impossible to not have regression across updates the first months. In regards to constant crashing, IOI acknowledged officialy these issues on PC, they know we need a hotfix as quickly as possible.


Those who are seeing this crash, did you get through the current ET ok without crashing?
I know it crashed for some people, and they failed the ET.
I think IOI should change it so the ET doesn’t fail when the game crashes.


if u dont got 2080 like me , there are many solutions to keep it running , at least for 2-3 hours

  1. was posted here (Vram ) Test from auto to 2000-3000 or 4096 (initial) and 16386 (maximum)
  • (2000-3000 and Auto worked for me ) BE SURE ITS NOT DISABLED
  1. is installing it on C (where OC is installed) ,same with ur Steam !
  2. is to set V-Sync in Game and in NVIDIA CONTROLL SETTINGS ( just for Hitman 2 in apps)
    Example : Game running Interval 1 ,set it in NCS for H2 also to Adaptive . If Interval 2 ,set it to Adaptive Half
  3. Disable Geforce Experience AND NvCamera Ansel(C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Ansel\Tools - NvCamera Config . disable Ansel )
  4. Disable Picture in Picture in Game Options
  5. Disable Auto Save and Show Auto Save in Game options
  6. Disable Steam Overlay in Game

I also diffragment my drives and clean it from trash

No Effects brings to turning off Anti Virus or Firewall ,dont broke ur PC ,it will bring no changes.

This Solution worked for me to play 2-3 hours. Crash still there , but very very rare and if i restart game i always can play another 2 hours( couldnt play even 1 minute cause of 0x80000003 crash before)
My Hardware is 16gb Memory ,Intel i5 8400 and a Geforce 1080 Oheonix GLH .

I hope i could help someone to enjoy the Exclusigve Target


Also crashing here.
2080 ti & [email protected],2GHz


Nice try to help. Tested all, still crashing. What a Mess IOI. Maybe I Should refund and buy it later again from a Key Store? Im not sure if you deserved my money for such a crappy Product.


Thats very sad …i really can play now for 3 hours ,also important that u only got 1 audio device active …so many things i got to do ,to run this crap :open_mouth: disable this and that. Never got so much trouble with one game . IOI should really give us our money back coz after nearly 3 month ,theres no hope for solution - this is not what we payed for …And this should be a AAA Title xD


Yeah such a shame, i am still crashing too.
Sometimes is not only unplayable but so frustrating too, they really need to fix this problem.


Is there any information from the Devs about this? The current ET is about to run out and i doubt it gets Fixed in time…

But at the moment im so sick about this Crashes everytime i start Hitman i end up getting angry.


Don’t forget to always be respectful when addressing the developers of this game.

Just because you paid money for the legit copy of this game, doesn’t mean you deserve to play it.
They will decide that for you.

Maybe go back to pirating… since you at least get what you pay for??


Maybe go back to pirating… since you at least get what you pay for??

Maybe that’s the solution - we paid to play a game, and it’s incessant crashing is stopping us from doing so… essentially, the question now is - what the fuck did we pay for???


Any updates on the Crash problem? And do you think about restarting the ETs? Some of us missed them because of Game related Issues.


Tested your last Idea with only 1 Audio Device(and all other above) and could play 15 Minutes (ET) without a crash. I will test it later with the Snow Festival. Thanks a lot Dude.


Apparently they removed the Denuvo copy protection today, i’ve definitely seen that cause issues with games before. Wonder if that helps with this? :stuck_out_tongue:


Nope still the same bullshit.


Damn, i really wish they fix this issue already :sob:


Typical, well least the game loads quicker now. So we can get to the crashes faster. Horray!