Hitman 2 - constant crashing with 0x80000003



I can confirm that if I disable the picture in picture option, then it works without crashing…


Add me to the list of people suffering from this. Moving the game, Playing with various settings, and somtimes but not allways restarts have provided temporary relief.

Also i had it corrupt my graphics driver one time, (which caused several lockups that required a hard reset to fix), and the crash bluescreened windows 10 once as well.

Don’t know what the error code means exactly so not sure how relevant what else i have running might be but i’d be willing to screenshot my taskmanager contents if that would help.


We still cant play… hellooooo? Devs? Are you still alive? There was a Problem (0x80000003)… you remember? Hitman crashes all the time. You wanted to fix it… i dont know… buuuut… its about time we hear something from you, dont you think? I mean… its about 3 Month since we bought your game… with money… the stuff with the little numbers on it… remember? That stuff that grows on threes…


With Denuvo removed and PIP disabled, the game isn’t crashing with 0x80000003 anymore (so far).

However it still crashes with 0xc0000005 (Offset: 0x000000000027cc2f) after playing a map for a couple of hours, the NPC’s get confused and just stand there while staring at an item/gun on the ground indefinitely, and other glitches start happening, then it finally crashes. So that memory leak/corruption problem in 2016 still exists in 2018.


…spoke too soon. It still crashes with PIP disabled and Denuvo removed. Driver 417.71

Faulting application name: hitman2.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5c49a4cb
Faulting module name: hitman2.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5c49a4cb
Exception code: 0x80000003
Fault offset: 0x0000000001163fa8


Crashes seem to happen less often for me but they still occur. I was lucky enough to be able to complete the elusive when it’s usually the map where i crash more often. What do you use to identify what error crashed the game?


Open the windows searchbar -> search Event Viewer -> Windows Logs-> Applications


Whittleton Creek doesn’t crash anymore after Denuvo removal.


Whittleton Creek crashes just sometimes. Its like Miami. Something with this Maps is different.

For me:

Hawkes Bay: No Crash
Miami: No Crash
Santa Fortuna: Crash every 30 Minutes to 1 Hour
Mumbai: Crash every 10-20 Minutes
Whittleton Creek: Crash every 2-3 Hours
Isle of Sgail: Crash every 5-15 Minutes

Also the Crash seems to get triggered by events. Sometimes i have the feeling its something with the lightning. 7/10 times my game crashes there was a light source nearby. I dont know.
I tryd to recreat a Crash by playn a fresh game exactly the way before but it seems pretty random.

Turning down the Graphics seems to delay the crashes a little.

After a fresh restard of the Computer and starting the game just after windows booted seems to give you more playtime.


I currently download a new NVIDIA driver (418.81). Just in case people want to try that out and it randomly fixes the issue. Can’t tell as I have no problem with crashes.


No no fix with the new driver…


I’m kind of curious about something, has anyone with Windows 7 or 8/8.1 suffered this problem?


I have Win7 and no crashes. Just in case that helps anyone.


Good question, sadly on win 10 so can’t answer that.

As an aside i’m running a Ryzen 2700X on an X470 chipset, (Taichi Ultimate), with an TX 2080 Ti and 32GB of Ram in 2x16GB sticks. No idea if there’s any common hardware but can;t hurt to check. Also have half-a-dozen drives.


Urben, What Graphics card do you have installed?


Since a quick look back shows it seems to have gone unnoticed around here they did acknowledge the issue on steam back on the 23rd of last month, sounds like it is a NVIDIA GPu issue:



I have a 680gtx.


One of the 0x80000003 crash is related to Turing and Pascal architecture, but not all, some 0x80000003 are related to audio or save system or ansel for only some users. That’s why @Urben as no problem, like me when I use my GTX970, I have no crashing issue at all because I only had crash related to Turing (RTX).

So it’s not just a Nvidia issue (some AMD users are concerned), but a collection of multiples issues with same return code.


Well all I know is I never encountered this problem before I had my RTX 2080. my GTX 1080 did not crash like this.


There’s have to be a way to make a refund, this is unacceptable 3 months with this problem, i want a refund i am done with this.