Hitman 2 - constant crashing with 0x80000003


I find it extremely difficult to believe they’ve even tried to solve it given they didn’t even acknowledge it was a problem for 2 months and still leave it out of patch notes (as a known problem)

Nvidia has managed to trigger the crashes on multiple hardware enough to claim it also effects AMD hardware.

The issue is widespread enough that IOI should be able to cause it to happen on their end and we have literally posted the names of the functions which cause the crashes

And yet they do nothing.

I’m not accepting that defence you made, and its not our job to justify IOIs poor customer support.

Here is what they should be doing, first off if isolating this is really so difficult they need to build a better error handler, one which writes logs and unique error codes rather than just crashing with a generic number which is about as helpful as Windows BSODs

Secondly they should be launching some beta builds on steam using the in built beta function, trying out some different potential fixes.

You know, provide some actual tech support like a proper company?

Its their total incompetence or their perceived incompetence thats the problem.

I have zero confidence in this company



You clearly have no clue how software actually works under the hood. The fact that you think it is so simply displays your ignorance by the bucketload.

The reality is tracking down the cause of a specific error is not as simple as you make it out.

The first and most important thing to understand is nothing we’ve given them gives them a reproducible test case. If you cannot hand me a set of compatible hardware to build a system out of, an OS disk and a copy of the game and get me to assemble that system, install the OS from scratch and the game from scratch and produce a crash at a specific playtime point every time without fail it is not reproducible. A reproducible fault requires that you can make it happen on demand to within a matter of seconds, (usually less).

The second thing to understand is that an error code does not tell you what the fault is. It tells you some details about the fault but it doesn’t track it down to the individual line of code, or file, or anything else. You have to use the error code to figure out what pieces of code might be at fault. Then selectively disable or otherwise mess with them to figure out which one exactly is at fault. Thats why you need a reproducible fault. An intermittent one that likes to disappear every time you change a variable makes checking to see if modifying or removing a specific bit of code is at fault a nightmare as you can;t tell if it’s not crashing because you changed the conditions but didn’t find the problem, or if it’s because you found the problem and fixed it.

Thirdly even properly written code with no obvious flaws will somtimes interact with other code in unexpected ways which then cause the first piece of code to produce errors. That means even if you can identify what part of your code is causing the issues, you can’t allways figure out why it’s causing issues. I’m actually convinced this is the case here as an anomalous interaction thats dependent on specific states in both pieces of software would explain how random it seems.



The offset address in the crash details point to a specific function in the exe. Therefore IOI should put a try{}catch around that function and release a new exe to the public. When the game crashes, it should send the exception to IOI so they can figure out which line caused the crash, and implement a way to recover from that exception instead of completely crashing the game.



I suggest reasonable actions to take and get called Ignorant, alright then Carl.

I have no idea what you hope to accomplish by minimizing this problem or by arguing with me over this but I’ll bite this one time.

I know how software works, you have no idea what I know or don’t know. Quite frankly that was uncalled for but if you want to take this personally be my guest.

Regarding the set of hardware, thats what our error reports is supposed to establish. There is a clear pattern and its RTX cards and Windows 10.

Also the fact you think I haven’t tried a complete OS reset is quite cute, I’ve done that. It made no difference. Someones even RMA’d their card and got a new one with the same problem. People with Older cards don’t have the less of the problem too.

I’d done a lot of things, i’m just not going to post a huge post every single time. I kind of expect you to not just be a jerk about it and make assumptions.

NVIDIA can get the problem to happen, they’ve already dismissed it as being a software fault. They added it to their list or known problems and took it down after less than a day when they could also get it to occur on competing hardware.

Even though this is the case RTX owners seem to be the main sufferers of it.

IOI should be able to get it to happen on their side as well.

With the exception of the memory overload almost all crashes crashes to desktop with the exact same code: 0x80000003

This is exactly why I said that IOI should have made a better error catcher, in order to get more detailed information I’ve had to run the game with a debugger. For hours. Repeating it again and again.

Here is one such error I got as a result.
(42dc.2d30): Break instruction exception - code 80000003 (first chance)
00000001`411561cd cc int 3

Every crash I’ve had, the function MixOneInNChannels is the reason why. I can reduce how often this happens by disabling all but one audio device but it still happens occassionally. Not every 5 minutes like it did before.

Had you bothered to read my post you’d have understood that I already understand that an error code like 80000003 does not help by itself.

How on earth you expect me to be able to get more specific with debugging this when I don’t have access to the source code is another thing.

I am literally criticising how vauge their error system is and you reply that I don’t know or can’t provide enough information. Nice one sherlock :D. Thats my point. They NEED a better ERROR handler. It couldn’t hurt to log more detailed information could it? We wouldn’t be in this situation if the info wasn’t so limited.

If you can identify the function at fault (and I did at least one) you can alter it and see what happens, hence suggestion number 2. Optional Beta builds.

Never the less if you think catching most errors with a single code 0x80000003 is helpful to debugging I don’t know what to say.

I’m not arguing with you past this point. I really don’t see the point, if you want to white knight IOI go ahead but I don’t see what you get out of it.

End of the day I’m just a consumer of a product and I am well within my right to be disgruntled about it, I paid for a product I cannot even use properly. That is all that matters to me, not this petty arguing over what I know or not.

I honestly couldn’t care less if you think i’m ignorant, you showed plenty of ignorance in the way you addressed me. Good day to you sir :smiley:



i have a gtx 1070 and when i load a savegame from isle of sgail the game instantly crash at the end of the loading screen. Not after 5 minutes, not randomly, everytime, so it should be easier to trigger the crash



I came back to Windows 10 to try again today and crash after 5min in Ghost mode :

I’m going back to Linux… Thanks Valve for making that possible and play in good condition.

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After Months, The Solution is… install ubuntu… nvidia drivers & steam with beta too access steam play… i can play on Ultra settings… No Problem… Thanks forum for this info… works very well :slight_smile: thx & mfg



IOI: Bring back DX12 or make a Vulkan renderer :pray:



Hi there, im getting random crashes here as well

RTX 2080 (non ti)
Windows 10
i7 8700
16 gigs ram

Random, I followed some fixes like turn of picture on picture, but that did nothing and infact made it worse. I enter rooms and it crashes, a guard gets suspicious and it crashes. It seems to be very random and and different times too. Has anyone got a solid fix? Does IOI know about this issue?

I understand RTX cards are new, and not everyone has optimized their engines for it, i’m happy to wait as long as IOI accepts there is a problem and they are working on it.

Update: Just tried turning down all the graphics to Normal. Did not work, and just made it worse.



For the crash with RTX GPUs, nothing, not even a workaround.

IOI acknowledged this issue 5 weeks ago and works actively with Nvidia on it. This problem happens to me since november 9th 2018.



I think I finally found a workaround for RTX crashing issue on Windows !! Non-RTX owners with 0x80000003 issue can try it too :slight_smile:

Download the latest version of DXVK on github (dxvk-1.0.tar.gz) :


Decompress it with WinRAR or 7-Zip and copy d3d11.dll and dxgi.dll x64 files into steamapps\common\HITMAN2\Retail folder.

You can add a new environment variable (search environment variable in start menu of Windows) to show the DXVK’s HUD ingame :

Start the game and enjoy Vulkan translation !

You may have some compilation stutter until the shader cache is built up, it takes a few minutes on each maps, after the game runs smoothly. Performances could be ~10/15% lesser than without DXVK, which is expected.


The Hirani Evacuation - Mumbai Escalation
iMac PRO - Radeon PRO VEGA 64 16GB

Gave Vulcan a try, the FPS seems about 20% faster but it crashed after 20 minutes

Faulting application name: hitman2.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5c49a4cb
Faulting module name: hitman2.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5c49a4cb
Exception code: 0xc0000005
Fault offset: 0x0000000000d37100

It wasnt 0x80000003 at least.

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This should fix only the 0x80000003 related to shader for turing and maybe pascal GPUs, not the 0xc0000005, I do not often have this one, a few times a month I think (4 times in January).



Usually 0xc0000005 happens after an hour or two, so I think the vulcan DLL’s may cause more 0xc0000005 crashes, or maybe it was just a coincidence.
I’ll do more testing…



@Fortheseven Hey m8, try this solution with your RTX2080, it could help you :smiley:



This works! thanks!

Went to do the elusive target and then i died.




@Hardware Thanks for the Idea, but dont worked for me. But now it has another Error Code.



This only fix the 0x80000003 crash with RTX GPU, sorry mate.



Yep this ist my usually Crash Code Hitman 2 - constant crashing with 0x80000003



Seems like the Vulcan DLL’s has resolved the 0x80000003 crash, I played for hours and reloaded saves 20+ times, and played in Fullscreen … no crash.
Looks very promising :+1:

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