Hitman 2 - constant crashing with 0x80000003


I get the feeling there’s been some serious miscommunication going on here as you’ve clearly misunderstood or misconstructed several things i’ve said.

First, i wasn’t trying to be insulting with the comment about your experiance of how programs work. it was more an expression of frustration. I’ve seen developers struggle with this kind of thing many times. Between that, the communication they gave on the causes and difficulties tracking it down and my own modding experiance, (much less relevant but still), i’m very aware of how complex the tracking down of bugs can get sometimes. And your responses have not been in line with someone with the requisite level of knowledge involved in tracking bugs of this nature down, or even my own intermediary level of knowledge.

At no point did i say you should try fresh installing windows or the game. I was talking about the steps you have to be able to take and still get the bug to appear on demand.

Fixing a bug like this requires what is known as a reproducible test case. This seems to be a concept many people here are completely unfamiliar with.

A reproducible test case is not “can i make X crash happen”.

A reproducible test case requires making the bug happen at a specific time and place in the program regardless of what settings you tweak or play with. In effect you have to be able to go “do this, then this, then this, and X seconds later the game will crash when you are at position Y”

A reproducible test case is important for tracking down the cause, (especially if it’s due to an interaction between your multiple pieces of software), but also for confirming you’ve actually fixed the bug.

Without one you can’t 100% confirm you’ve fixed the bug instead of just making it significantly rarer or some such.

The other point i was trying to make is that even if you can track down exactly which line of code is the problem. that dosen;t mean you can just fix it. You have to understand why that line of code is causing the issue. And if there’s nothing wrong with how the code is written then that means the issue isn’t that line of code alone, but how it’s interacting with someone else’s code. And is it interacting badly because their code has a bug in it, or is it some incompatibility between them.

Only when you’ve got all of that sorted can you truly fix the issue.


I assume for the environment variable we just copy over what’s in the screenshot yes.

Honestly if where getting rid of a bunch of issues by switching away from the DX11 i wonder if the windows october update doesn’t have somthing to do with this. Anyone on an older build of win 10?


I had 0x80000003 crash with both 1803 and 1809.

Only two solutions work for me. Use my old GTX970 instead of RTX2080 or use DXVK to translate DX11 calls to Vulkan.


Cheers for the link explaining that variable. Really odd that changing the rendered fixs it then if it’s so hardware specific but not tied to software stuff for that hardware specificlly. How is DX11 supposed to handle Int math alongside FP math, i know turing included a big change in how the hardware handles that. It’s got to be somthing about how Turing handles things thats causing the way the games DX11 implementation to run to error. But it’s such an oddity.


You not really change the renderer, you add another layer. DX11 is still used by the game but GPU receives Vulkan’s translated calls.

Game :arrow_right: DX11 :arrow_right: DXVK :arrow_right: Vulkan :arrow_right: GPU

Glad to help.


Wow thank you for finding this awesome fix! Game is running without crashing now.


WoW… i havent played Hitman for some Time now because of this Crashes… today i wanted to give it one more try… crash… look in the forum… still troubleshooting.

Well… ok.


@Clemens_IOI @Travis_IOI Can we expect good news about 0x80000003 and 0xc0000005 issues with February update planned for next week ? Do you have some information to share with us ?


V.I.P is busy…


Still crashing 0x80000003 error. AMD FX-8350, Radeon RX 480. Windows 10. Crashes 3-5 minutes into loading any stages, could not complete elusive target because of this. Completely removed the game and fresh installed, still crashing. Took the video card out and put it into the older i3 Windows 7 system, and it crashes there as well. Extremely frustrating to go from playing the game to not being able to do anything without wondering if it will suddenly crash to desktop every second of play.


I don’t know if the DXVK DLL’s works on AMD GPU’s but its worth a try.
I haven’t seen a 0x80000003 crash since I’m using Vulkan in Win10.
Plus it gives about a 10% performance increase with my 2080…


DXVK works with AMD, Nvidia and Intel drivers :

Same :yum: IOI should work with DXVK developer :smiley:


Vsync doesn’t work when using the Vulkan (DXVK) DLL’s.
However you can cap the FPS to your monitors refresh rate by using this nVidia Profile editor:


Battlefield is affected by constant crashing with 0x80000003 and 0xc0000005.

And Apex legends seems affected too.


I own BFV and no issues fr me despite hitman 2 issues. May not indicate anything, but thought i’d throw it in there.


I believe you but look the topic I linked (50 pages) , this is just the same behavior. Crash after 5/10 minutes of gameplay, or after 1 or 2 hours. Same error codes, and EA/DICE do not respond and have no solution, 6+ weeks with no acknowledgement from devs…etc


Hum, it reminds me something :rofl:


I wasn’t trying to say it’s wasn’t necessarily related, just throwing a bit of caution out.

That said if it is the same issue it increasingly sounds like it’s a Direct X issue of some kind…


@Travis_IOI @Clemens_IOI Since tomorrow game update will not fix this issue, do you have any ETA or technical informations to share with us ? For all customers who have paid this game (149.99€ collector edition for me) and who have been experiencing this problem for 4 months ?

Thank you.

I know your’re working on a solution with your friends and partners at Nvidia but come on, we have the right to know what is happening.


They are ashamed to communicate with the fans.


Contact a video game magazine like PC Gamer or something and let them know this issue has been around for 4 months on top end pc hardware and that gold edition customers haven’t been able to play since they paid for the game.

Seems as good as any other scandal you can find in gaming.

I feel like IOI and Nvidia really need the heat turned up a bit.