Hitman 2 - constant crashing with 0x80000003


Something interesting about this error. I am a developer my self and as such I have TDR set higher than a normal user would. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/drivers/display/timeout-detection-and-recovery

As a result this crash actually escalates from application crash to an outright blue screen.
This seems to indicate that the issue at the core is related to overloading the graphic card with a spike big enough to get the driver to die.

So in essence both NVIDIA or IOI could fix this issue.
In my experience NVIDIA drivers are pretty bad atm but I do think the issue itself is IOI’s fault.
One however has to wonder why NVIDIA hasn’t safeguarded stuff against this kinda stuff.

I think I also was told NVIDIA won’t address it since it isn’t technically their fault.


Someone pass all this information to TheQuartering, I never saw someone who has a bigger pass, like the one IOI is having with this problem.


Perhaps the graphics is simply too intensive/complex for DirectX 11 and this problem can be fixed by using a modern graphics pipeline such as DirectX 12 or Vulkan.

Direct X 11 came out 11 years ago, time to move on lol


Yea, all the novices like us can speculate on what the problem could be…

OR, a professional / moderator can just tell us what the hell is going on.

Seems fair to me.


tl;dr: de-tuning the card seems to have helped for me. I don’t know if this would help anyone else, but I would be curious.

Longer version: a few weeks ago the game gave up for me completely, crashing to desktop with the 0x80000003 error immediately after starting (during the logo video or at the start screen at the latest), constantly and reliably. I had the issue before, but this time it was completely out of the blue: I had an about 1-2 hour session, a crash, and from then on the constant instant crashes. Also, this was after weeks without any game, driver or even Windows updates.

The card I’m using is a 1080 Ti, with factory (Inno3D) overclocking, and I haven’t bothered with the tuning utility with this card until now. The card’s clock speeds are theoretically 1607 MHz base / 1721 MHz boost for GPU, 11408 MHz for memory. The nvidia specs are 1480 / 1582 & 11000, so I tried to match these.

Tried different speed offsets (-278* / -408 and -140) and also adjusting just the GPU or memory clocks separately. Lowering the memory clock speed alone still caused immediate CTD, whereas de-tuning only the GPU seems to work. I still haven’t tried to find the exact amount of clock offset, currently -140 MHz (based primarily on the boost clock values) seems to be fine, without a too big performance impact (in places I could even swear it runs even better).

Slight caveat: after a longer session I still can get a crash with error code 0xc0000005, but that seems to be a RAM issue (and other programs also get that error, so that leaves me worried over other things).

*at first that was meant to be -139 MHz (= 1721 - 1582), but clicking “OK” doubles the amount for some reason, so to be careful I just left it like that.


Hi there,

I’ve been reading this thread since November, hoping for an (un)official fix. Like all of you guys, I’ve been patient. Now I can’t hold myself, I created an account just to say how much I’m disapointed by IOI’s behaviour.

First, it took like two months just to aknoledge the issue. Then, two months after, nothing, not even a post that takes one minute top, to keep us posted.

IOI, let me quote you : " Constructive criticism is welcome, but criticize ideas, not people." Paradoxe here. At least, please RESPOND.

You have to understand that it’s not just a matter of money. Hitman is one of my favorite license of all time, and this one seems to be your masterpiece. You did a great job despite the problems you had to deal with (SE / WB etc). So congratulations, really I mean that, but finish what you started.

I’m 32 years old, and this the first time of my life that I actually can’t play a video game almost 6 months after its realeased. Remember Arkham Knight ? Lucky you, your game is still on Steam, and it souldn’t.

Thanks to the community for sharing idea’s, like you, I’m not giving up.


This guy is like so spot on with every single thing he said.

Hitman best series of all time.
Hitman 2 could be best of the best.

Arkham was such a botch up .
Probably the biggest PC botched release of all time until this stunt from IoI.

It is an embarrassment that really should be reported by a major news outlet.
I own stocks in almost all the big PC game companies - EA, Activ Blizz, Nvidia, sold my AMD… and shareholders would want to know stuff of this magnitude.

Fix this problem, now.
I want to play my game.


If you think this is the biggest botch in PC gaming history you really haven’t play all that many games.

Also given that we’ve got what looks like 2 other games with the same issue, (one of which has also been out quite a while), i have to wonder if the issue is that the developers of these games can’t do anything and are relying on some third party to pull their finger out of their arse and do somthing.


What are you suggesting was a bigger failed release?

Fallout 76?
Some of the early Modern Warfares on Xbox were so overloaded on multiplayer at launch it took weeks to get games to connect properly. That sucked.
Far Cry 4 had a lot of problems at launch. That is also probably my favorite series of all time.

What are your few?


Still no fix, looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool.


There is an unofficial fix… Use the Vulkan renderer (DXVK) until there is an official fix.

Since I’ve been using DXVK I have not seen one 0x80000003 crash and the game is much more stable.


DXVK 1.0 is out : https://github.com/doitsujin/dxvk/releases/tag/v1.0


Still crashing.
2080ti & Win10


Same issue as everyone else. Absolutely disgusting that customers are being treated this way. Total disregard for any customer support.


I tried the latest Nvidia driver 419.35 released today, without success. Crash 0x80000003 after 11 minutes in-game in Santa Fortuna (offset 0x000000000108b7d5) without DXVK.

RTX 2080 / Windows 10 1809.


So is this Vulkan thing working or not working for people?
I was strongly considering doing this but it looks like it is not 100% either…


Works fine for 1000 and 2000 series NVIDIA cards, it may not run properly on earlier cards.


But does running Vulkan work in fixing the constant crashing in Hitman 2?


DXVK resolves the 0x80000003 crashes. But not 0xc0000005 crashes due to memory leaks, null pointers etc…


As far as I could determine, using dxvk changes the application crash error from 0x80000003 to 0xc0000005, and prevents the display driver from needing to restart. Without dxvk, I only hit 0x80000003 crashes – with dxvk, only 0xc0000005 crashes (seemingly in a similar non-pattern).

I saw something similar with Visual Studio’s debugger attached – if I forced hitman2.exe to continue executing after a 0x80000003 exception, it immediately threw a 0xc0000005 exception. I’m guessing the 0x80000003 exception is thrown when some code in hitman2.exe notices an incorrect pointer (or similar), and the 0xc0000005 error is triggered when that exception is ignored/avoided and the incorrect pointer is used.

Important to note, though, is that this does not apply to all the 0x80000003 or 0xc0000005 errors people encounter. Those error codes are indicating an entire class of errors, not a single specific problem. This may be part of why IOI and Nvidia are having such trouble fixing the RTX problem, as they’d need to find the specific crash bug that appears to be unique to (or significantly more prevalent on) RTX cards, amid the other crashes that, to end users, appear the same.