Hitman 2 - constant crashing with 0x80000003


New Nvidia Driver 419.35
Fixed Issues in this Release

[Hitman 2]: Pixelated corruption appears in the game. [2504274]

Its the problem solved ?


How pixelated corruption is related to crashes?


I’m fairly sure DXVK resolves the graphics related 0x80000003 crashes because without DXVK the game crashes in about 15 minutes when in Fullscreen mode almost every time I run the game. With DXVK, the game runs for hours in Fullscreen, no crashes at all most of the time. The game is definitely much more stable with DXVK, at least on my PC.


DXVK also ‘solved’ the constant crashes for me. (Ryzen 2700x /RTX 2080)
No crashes for hours and finished multiple locations.


DXVK only resolves the graphics 0x80000003 crashes related to RTX GPU and only this type of crash. I can run the game just fine now, I have only some 0xc0000005 crash time to time, maybe 3 times a month. Before using DXVK, my game could crash multiple times per day.

Exactly, which explains why DXVK does not work for some people, because they have to deal with other 0x8000000* and related crashs that have nothing to do with usual RTX issue.


Seems like IO catch graphics pipeline exceptions and then re-throw it as a 0x80000003 breakpoint for debugging purposes.
If this is the case, then in the release build it should just ignore the crashed frame and move onto the next frame… instead of throwing a breakpoint and cause a CTD.

Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread

The Vulcan library thing really help me out but man the stuttering when loading. i7-8700 RTX 2080.


Yeah DXVK causes a lot of stutter during the first shader compilation (stored in Steam\steamapps\shadercache folder), but after few minutes the game run smoothly. And I run the game on ultra except Level Of Detail set to medium to get same FPS as before.


It’s possible, given the unpredictable nature of most of the game’s crashes, that I was just exceedingly unlucky when I ran into two 0xc0000005 crashes within about 20 minutes using dxvk, and none of that type over about eight hours running standard DX11 (just dozens of 0x80000003 – using an RTX card, of course).

I’ve been trying it a bit more today, and didn’t run into any crashes in about 30 minutes using dxvk – after having tested DX11 and hit a crash after about five or ten seconds after loading a save in Colorado (I think I’ve only seen one faster crash, in Sapienza, about 2-3 seconds after loading a save). Hopefully the earlier crashes with dxvk were just bad timing, and unrelated to dxvk.


Interesting, exactly like @JayE after he added DXVK. Now he can run the game just fine. Maybe bad timing or the game is unstable during shader compilation (more likely).

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I noticed when i first enabled DXVK that the camera zones were not displaying right, (as in at all), in instinct. Interestingly i also got a lot more crashes in DX11 mode in instinct mode. I was never clear on if being near a camera made a major difference.


Crashed again with dxvk on the Elusive Target (Hawke’s Bay), luckily before locking myself out. Completed it without crashing next attempt. Similar error to my earlier dxvk crash, a 0xc0000005 error, faulting module msvcrt.dll (unlike the 0x80000003 errors, for which the faulting module is always hitman2.exe). I think that was my first major play session in Hawke’s Bay with dxvk, but it was a solid 10 minutes in – I would have hoped any map-specific shaders would have been compiled by that point.

I took a look back through my event logs and noted that there are four different offsets for the 0x80000003 errors, two of which are much more prevalent in my logs (all with – other exe versions would almost certainly have different offsets).

  • 0x000000000108b120
  • 0x000000000108b7d5
  • 0x000000000109595d
  • 0x000000000108b2c0

The repeated offsets are bolded. The other two appeared only a single time apiece. These offsets are consistent enough that it seems like there may two different bugs that commonly crash the game on RTX (I don’t think there’s any reason for memory offsets to change between launches of the same exe version – maybe some sort of anti-cheat features would cause that, but I would expect the offsets to never be consistent if that were the case).

It’d be really nice if someone at IOI could give an update on whether they’ve been able to even track down any of these issues yet, or if more information is still useful. I have no idea if any of my information is of any value at all, or if I should even bother spending the time poking through my logs at this point.


Seems DXVK is not the solution in your case, sorry :frowning:


I checked my event viewer, I got only one crash 0xc0000005 in offset 0x000000000108b7d5 this week. I played Hitman 2 45 hours last two weeks.


It might be a bit early to say that definitively, depending on how much in the way of map-specific shaders there are – at least if the shader cache being incomplete does indeed contribute to crashing under dxvk. I’m not getting the 0x80000003 errors, to be clear, under dxvk – those offsets are all from DX11 over the past week-and-a-half or so, just in case someone at IOI finds them useful.

Also, sounds like the errors you’re hitting are faulting module: hitman2.exe, from that offset. That suggests the crashes I’m hitting under dxvk are unrelated to the ones you’re hitting, which is interesting, if not immediately useful. Actually, very interesting that the offset is identical to one of the common offsets I had the 0x80000003 crashes hit.


Adding to the list: gtx1070ti here, Windows 10 latest drivers.

Have been playing crashless for a while now, until i got into the (complex) Mumbai level. I save often and work my way slowly through the level. Today i had 3 crashes, always when loading one of the Mumbai saves.

The display driver stops responding, Hitman2.exe with error code 0x80000003.

After a crash, I can load up the game and load the save game and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Very frustrating.


Loaded up one of the crashdumps in WinDBG, but got none the wiser.
Anywhere I can send the .dmp file for analysis by the devs?



I added this to my desktop today :

Hope is eternal :smiley:


Tried your fixes for 0xc0000005, I have an AMD CPU so I turned off the comparable to XMP and increased virtual memory. It crashed in every mission I tried after a couple minutes, same exact results.


I’m still experiencing crashes with no error code, it just straight up crashes directly to the desktop. I havn’t touched to game in months, I’m begning to loose my patience. I don’t feel like playing Elusive Targets, since I can’t be sure if the game will crash. It’s frustrating, I really hope that a fix isn’t to far down the road.

I can see that WB updated their Hitman 2 crashing support page two days ago

Right now i’m trying one of their suggested steps with turning Intel Turbo Booster off, so far Whittleton Creek have been running smooth. Normally It crashes within 2 min of playtime.

Update it did Crash in the end.


Is there no Error code when you look in Event viewer?