Hitman 2 content is crashing on Phenom 2 CPUs

Hi Jonasm. Many thanks for clarifying. I absolutely love this game and will wait patiently for your fix! I just sincerely hope Sean Bean doesn’t escape! Hyped for the explosive pen. I will update my post on steam to clarify as well that it isn’t Denuvo’s fault this time.


Are you hand writing ASM, or is it a compiler optimization that chooses SSE4.1 instructions?

Edit: if anyone is interested in a little technical details about the ‘culling’ Jonas is referring to:

Same problem, I hope this update wont take so much time. But thanks for working on it :slight_smile:

Hope patch will be released soon. I’m waiting for three days :frowning:

Same here, waiting :confused:

Is it fixed or still no?

Still no. I’m checking every hour on Steam

Can you please write down here when it will be fixed,please

Are you saying denuvo dont require SSE4.1 anymore? I haven’t heard about this change

@Clemens_IOI can you please give us approximate data of update,so we wont refresh all sites and steam every 1 hour,pleaseee


It is coming tomorrow :))


The update it’s out now we can play the Hitman 2 good gaming for all players
thanks IOI developers for direct suport thanks.

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:slight_smile: So happy. The World of Assassination grows larger. :slight_smile:


Seems to be working perfectly, played Hawke’s Bay and Miami for a while, problem free.

Performance is also way better than the legacy levels.

Thanks so much for fixing this, guys!


@ioi_jonasm I cannot thank the devs enough for addressing and quickly resolving this issue. We have this issue with all Ubisoft games recently, and their response is ‘welp too bad,’ if there’s a response at all. I don’t normally buy games at full price anymore, but I jumped in on the preorder for this anyway, because I trust that IOI will make a quality product. Again, thanks, and great work!

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