Hitman 2 Contracts From HMF Members: Xbox One

All Contracts posted here are playable in HITMAN 2 for the Xbox One and, more importantly, made by fellow Hitman Forum members! Created a Contract for Xbox One you poured your heart and soul into? This is the place to link it, so the community can try it out and rate it!

I will try to monitor this thread closely for as long as possible and include the Contract IDs with the most hearts in this opening post for easy finding! Let’s put the initial threshold at, say, five?

All you have to do is to post;

Platform; We know it’s for Xbox One, but just to be safe.
Contract name; Self-explanatory
Contract ID; You can find this on your Contract briefing page, it will be a code akin to this; 3-03-4460616-80

You are more than welcome to post a screenshot of the Briefing page alongside these details! For now, though, get out there, get cracking with that Contract creator, and get to playing! As a rule of thumb, try to play at least one other posted Contract for every single entry you post so that everyone will have theirs tried out :slight_smile:


2 new contracts for Xbox One. They’re in Mumbai and Sapienza.

The Art of Sniping.
Targets: Babu Raav & Samarth Madan
Eliminate using a sniper rifle as the Kashmirian.
Avoid collateral damage
Do not get recorded.
No dead or unconscious bodies can be found.
Must be head shots.
ID: 3-13-4031476-80

Note: I wanted to have the complication of all bodies must be hidden, but I guess with sniping challenges this choice is not available.

The Ruins of 47.
Targets: The 5 body guards at the ruins.
Eliminate using injected poison and accidental fall.
Avoid anyone seeing you performing an illegal.
No dead or unconscious bodies can be found.
Hide all dead & unconscious bodies in containers.*
Do not change your starting disguise.
ID: 3-03-4460616-80

*I know that there are no containers in the ruins, but the bodies can still be hidden. How? I’ll leave that up to you.

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If planned correctly, it can be done in 2 to 3 minutes.

Name of Contract : Room With a View
Contract ID : 3-21-8107530-80
Platform : Xbox
Location : Isle of Sgail/ The Ark Society
Description/Briefing: It seems that there are moles in The Ark Society. Our clients have secretly found out who they are and would like us to take care of it quickly and quietly without raising any suspicions. I leave it to you 47. Good luck
Why the contract should be featured: I feel it fits with the overall theme as all the targets have to die by accidental falls. Also, it has to be done in the suit without being spotted. Basically, silent assassin.

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Here is a contract I just made. I completed it in 15 minutes with a Silent Assassin rating.
Plarform: XBox
Contract Name: Guard Duty
Contract ID: 3-24-4477277-80


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Platform: Xbox
Contract Name: COVID 19: Stop It Now!!
Contract ID: 3-10-8503798-80

Platform: Xbox
Contract Name: Silly Rabbit
Contract ID: 3-24-3637047-80

Name of Contract : Freudian Slip
Contract ID : 3-03-8590856-80
Platform : Xbox
Location : Sapienza/ World of Tomorrow
Description/Briefing: Accidents happen all the time.
Why the contract should be featured: It falls in the parameters of the theme as all the targets have to die by accidental drowning and falling.

Name of Contract
Medical Emergency
Contract ID
Ms. Knox feels threatened as she knows she’s not a better driver and doesn’t want certain secrets getting out. She’d like this taken care of quickly and quietly. How I’ll leave entirely up to you. Good luck 47.

Thank you, this will be useful up until Hitman 3 is released

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Nice run. As I was watching I thought you would change into a guard’s uniform before tossing the last one over the balcony. Just to make it easier to get to the exit.

Damn, I thought I saw no disguise change. I’m a glutton for punishment anyways.

Moving on,

You’re right. My bad.

A couple of easy Xbox One contracts. Both have the same complications, which is that there is only one exit.

No Way Out (?)
3 targets in Whittleton Creek
Any disguise and method
One exit
ID: 3-22-1781882-80

5 targets in Sapienza/ World of Tomorrow
Sniper rifle in a suit
One exit & do not get recorded
ID: 3-03-6809620-80

Have fun.

(Deadly 47 fire show) platform: Xbox One. ID 3-09-3199767-44

I remember someone wondering if it was possible to eliminate Silvio and Francesca without setting foot on the mansion grounds. Well, I made a contract.

Also, SA is possible.

  • Xbox One
  • No Trespassing
  • Silvio Caruso & Francesca De Santis
  • Any method. Any disguise
  • One exit. No collateral damage. Avoid anyone seeing you performing any illegal action. No recordings. No pacifications
  • ID: 3-03-5527010-80
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That was interesting. I found a few ways to do it. This wasn’t the fastest but I love explosions. :rofl:

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