HITMAN 2 Contracts From HMF Members

A new game is cause for a brand new thread, no?

All Contracts posted here are playable in HITMAN 2 and, more importantly, made by fellow Hitman Forum members! Created a Contract you poured your heart and soul into? This is the place to link it, so the community can try it out and rate it!

I will try to monitor this thread closely for as long as possible and include the Contract IDs with the most hearts in this opening post for easy finding! Let’s put the initial threshold at, say, five?

All you have to do is to post;

Platform; So people won’t have to guess where to play your creation
Contract name; Self explanatory
Contract ID; You can find this on your Contract briefing page, it will be a code akin to this; 1-11-2813066-93

You are more than welcome to post a screenshot of the Briefing page alongside these details! For now though, get out there, get cracking with that Contract creator, and get to playing! As a rule of thumb, try to play at least one other posted Contract for every single entry you post so that everyone will have theirs tried out :slight_smile:


As OP, I suppose I should drop the first Contract; one I conceived the moment we saw gameplay of the Miami level; I’ve worked hard on the scenario and making it both fun and challenging, so do give it a try!

Platform ; PC
Contract name; Aeon of Strife
Contract ID; 1-11-2813066-93



Insensate Housewifes

PC ID: 1-22-7197274-67
(put the complication in by accident, sorry lol)

Click for another contract, not very speedrun friendly, planning to redesign

Tornado Evacuation

PC ID: 1-22-2525496-67
(optional: Non target kills only)

The Maelstrom

PC ID: 1-13-0150417-67
Simply the Maelstrom from Mumbai. Can be used for making strats of the main mission.


Crate Expectations (Sgail): 1-21-2394497-02

TARGETS: Four Custodians, all roughly in the same area. Old Axe/Any Disguise.
COMPLICATIONS: No Disguise Changes, No Pacifications.

Contract contains no RNG except whatever’s inherent to distractions now. The Old Axe is always in the same crate, as is the Circumcision Knife; only the crates in the main room on the first floor are randomized. I recommend having the Custodian start unlocked but I removed the disguise restriction so it can technically be done from no mastery.

Doctor Wars (Miami): 1-11-1592184-02

TARGETS: One doctor near the medical area at the track. Any Method/Kronstadt Researcher.


And my first contract in the correct thread.
Thanks @Golem25 for the heads up. :slight_smile:

Title: The Valiant Little Tailor
Platform: Xbox One
Contract ID: 3-13-1201707-76


I made contracts getting rid of the “clues” in Another Life and getting rid of Maelstrom in Chasing a Ghost. They are titled:

“Just Targets, No Clues :)”
Platform PS4

“No Maelstrom :)”
Platform PS4

The content that you want, nay, NEED!


I already created a Contract thread first but oh well, I might as well delete mine.


I didn’t see yours when I posted mine, and looking at your profile it’s only a day old anyway? My apologies if I didn’t see it properly the first time around.

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It’s alright.:slightly_smiling_face:

Platform ; PC
Contract name; ACCIDENT MASTER 01
Contract ID; 1-11-4679134-79


Recreated few of my old ones from previous game

Platform is PS4


complications include Suit Only and Required exit


Platform: PS4

Paris (Part 1 of Armenian Mafia saga)

No Complications

Bangkok The Source

Complications are 'Suit Only


Also any of you guys on PS4, please feel free to join this community for sharing your HITMAN 2 contracts

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Platform PS4

Posted as reply to previous Paris contract because this acts as sequel (Armenian Mafia saga part 2)
Working on part 3, briefing ties them all together narratively.

Suit Only complication


Hehe. HITMAN: ALL CAPS has now spread to the contract titles… And Target Names… And any other information on screen. Great.
EDIT: Oh, but not quite! If you look in the top left corner, remnants of the old format remain! A non-altered title!

Question: did IO increase the character limit for briefings?

Yeh it becomes weird. Still 500 characters.


Sad to say its still 500; I had hoped we could at the very least could give targets individual backgrounds but nope!



Really hope they change that sometime in the future. It’s way too limiting for those who like to write a good contract story.


They should just let you edit the targets information. It would be easier and cooler. Right now it says something like “No additional information” or something. Laaaaame.


I’d love to be able to click select on any npc in the target lineup and edit their “intel/backstory”.
@Travis_IOI something to pass onto dev team for a potential patch someday?
Have to say though the love/hate relationship I had for 2016 is completely forgiven with HITMAN 2, every little nit pick I had seems to have been fixed (soundtrack, atmosphere, interface drab colours, npcs xray vision).
I also cannot get over the amount of strategic options and flexibility the briefcase affords.
Phenomenal game and certainly a GOTY contender. Any year outside RDR2 and HITMAN 2 would take the top prize. It’s amazing and for me personally, it’s finally a game to surpass Blood Money :grin:
Best in the series :blush: