HITMAN 2 Contracts From HMF Members

Platform PC
Title: Master Sniper 01
Contract ID: 1-12-2021596-79

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Overlook Hotel SA (1:49)

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Uhmm @Fortheseven

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this contract is basically the same as some that have already been posted - it’s hardly an innovative idea - but I wanted to share it anyway

what inspired me to make this contract was seeing Hitman 2’s mission stories system in action - now that many mission stories have two or more outcomes depending on player choice, and that many of these outcomes affect not only targets but also other NPCs, it became clear to me that running through a mission story in one way may make it easier or harder than in another way.

this contract is of course based around the Jebediah Block opportunity, and while these targets may seem very static at first, I found it interesting to see just what I could do with them

this isn’t a speedrunner-friendly contract, sorry speedrunners I love you <3



Platform: Xbox one
Name: War Games

It is my first contract, so not very creative or hard. Should be quite easy to get SA/SO. I’m still trying out the contract editor and how to be more creative with kills and challenges:)

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I got jealous of the trending contracts so I made a Final Test contract too.

Arrive, Hide, Leave



Kill and hide the front gate guards. And everyone else you KO.
Did no score yet, might do later. But it seems like quite some approaches are not that far away from each other time-wise. Three strats I tested are somewhere near 2:45. Can you go sub 2:30?


Im quite new to the modern Hitman series, but I think this is quite a challenge. Please do try this on Master difficulty in the regular mission. Sadly they only let me post 1 picture. Mission conditions are: Suit Only, Fiber wire, Time Limit 07:31, Required Exit, Target Only, Do Not Get Spotted, No Recordings, No Bodies Found, Hide All Bodies, No Disguise Changes, Head Shots Only, Perfect Shooter and No Pacifications.


Edit: I actually discovered that re doing this contract is very f*cking hard. It requires a certain amount of luck at the back stairs leading to the third floor with the 2 npc guarding the stairs. You need to know exactly what to do with those 2 npcs or you will fail on time. Also you need to distract Claus Strandberg once you have fibered the target or he will walk into the conference room and see you dragging the body out. That should save you guys some frustration.

Platform; PC
Contract name; Kill Order
Contract ID; 1-06-7577991-01


I’d like to check it out if it’s on PC because I’ve posted a similar contract earlier.
Any conditions? Only that is useful (no need to just put targets snapshots, everyone knows it)
I usually make contract in ‘extraordinary way’ and for fun btw :jack_o_lantern:

According to the red scroll bar, there are no complications.

yeah there’s nothing else, sorry for not clarifying. I was initially discouraged from posting it after seeing everyone had went for the same thing but I thought it’d be interesting to put my ideas across anyway


This is my first actual contract in Hitman 2. Not all that challenging, but there is some idea behind it. Since text is in polish - ways of killing targets visible on the screenshot are fall and electrocution.

Platform: PC
Contract name: The Four-Headed Monkey
Contract ID: 1-12-9193554-07

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Platform PC
Contract ID: 1-11-0855393-79

Platform PC
Contract ID: 1-13-2188104-79

Platform PC
Contract ID: 1-13-7358492-79

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Made my first contract ever (outside of a throwaway one for a silly achievement). Pretty simple, only one target, but lots of complications.

Don’t get spotted, no cameras, hide the body, suit only, no KOs, no non Target kills, no bodies found

Platform: PC
Title: The Chennai Charlatan
Contract ID: 1-13-4165877-10

Edit: adding phone pic

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Top. Men. (Sgail PC): 1-21-6166581-02

TARGETS: Three. Blake Nathaniel and the two guys monitoring the security for the Cloud Serpent necklace on the balcony overlooking the gallery. All three must be killed with Fiber Wire, and the two guys who aren’t Nathaniel must be killed as Nathaniel.
COMPLICATIONS: Hide All Bodies (Optional), No Pacifications (Optional).
NOTES: Blake Nathaniel is not as difficult a target as he may appear, and this can be done quickly. There is also one little wrinkle to this that may or may not become apparent depending on your approach. This contract can be completed from the default start point with the default loadout; it may not be quickly completed, but it can be done just fine; remember, while KOs are prohibited, disguise changes are required, so feel free to use free disguises to get into position if you need to.


The Four-Headed Monkey by @Lipton (3:23)

Some RNG on the briefcase lockpick but reasonably favorable this run.

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@Nakar Man, colour me impressed. Really cool to see someone else playing my contract. This is why I like Hitman - most of the time I had completely different solutions in mind, yet you found some much more efficient than “original” ones. I Hope it was not all that boring to figure out the best run.

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Coming off of a high point with my Contract that started the thread making it into the first batch of Featured Contracts, I figure it’s high time for another effort. One that I’ve made a few days after the game launched, actually, but never got around to posting.

Platform ; PC
Contract name; Death wears a pale suit
Contract ID; 1-11-3534592-93

Makes use of my favourite area of the Miami map and comes with the usual level of detail and thought in regards to the briefing. This is a tough one due to some of the NPC choices, so best of luck to you all!

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Name: Positioning Error
Contract ID: 1-21-3128709-73
Platform: PC
Location: Isle of Sgàle
Description: :clinking_glasses:

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