HITMAN 2 Contracts From HMF Members

Targets are all chilling at the beach, would be Spring-break-y enough for me :smile: Plus rarely any sniper contracts are featured

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4 targets

3 targets
No Pacifications


Thank you for playing, nice run!
However, it is also designed as using sniper rifle. (Because I like sniper mission!)
I will upload video in youtube my channel.


I would like to see that…as the targets are quite spread out, sniping would make for a speedy run, I guess :grin:

No pacification run.
I enjoyed it, fun contract!


The new KO rules finally make this possible:

The Portman Paradox

PC: 1-10-4461854-67
XB1: 3-10-5575662-57


That’s the point, during creation it was a sniper contract, but then in playthrough sniper didn’t work any more, so it’s not a sniper contract! If you can pass it sniper style, please let me know, I’ve made about 40 attempts though. I had to do a mix of sniper-based accident, and propane tank.

Also on a different note to everyone in this thread… SO NICE I DON’T EVER AGAIN HAVE TO PUT “(Optional) No Bodies Found” IN A CONTRACT JUST SO I CAN KNOW IF A BODY WAS FOUND OR NOT DURING PLAYTHROUGH


The disguises are different, and the surgeon is the one who takes the bandages off. Now think again what you would have to do. :wink:

Does it actually make a difference? If you do the kill with/out the bandages does it fail?

Wait, I’m confused… how did you kill him with the bandages on, but Portman with the bandages off? Is there someone else who will take the bandages off for you?

Oh I see, you have to get Portman when he’s in the office, take his clothes, let him wake up and get dressed again, then let the surgeon take his bandages off, then take THOSE clothes and get Portman?


I don’t know which office you mean, but the other stuff sounds good. :wink:

But what’s to stop the surgeon from running and telling the nearby guards?

Well that part is not correct then.

I wont spoil the whole solution. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ohhhh I misread, I thought you meant the body found rules… Okay if it’s the new KO rules then I know exactly what to do :slight_smile:

But you didn’t answer, does it fail if you do it with the bandages when it’s meant to be without?

Yes. Good luck agent. :joy:

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I feel sorry for the people who come across your contract and don’t click on the targets pictures!

It looks like an interesting contract,and I think i know how to do it. I’m not currently home,but when I get,I will recreate it on Xbox

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Anyone who wakes up naked runs to a closet and magically finds a copy of their clothes


Done in 4:14, no idea how you saved a whole minute on that :thinking: I’ll think about it.
Fun contract, good use of the new mechanic.

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I haven’t played it, does it matter if it’s a target KO’d? You’ll be killing the only witness, who are themselves a target.

And also from the patch notes

…if the NPC that triggers the event is a target (and no other non-targets trigger the same event or gains knowledge from the target), the SA rating will be retained on mission end.