HITMAN 2 Contracts From HMF Members

Platform : PS4
Contract name : Alto boy
Contract ID : 2-16-0750682-85

Listen to his voice!


Morning Coffee

Here’s a tricky puzzle contract designed to look impossible. I’ll be impressed if anyone solves it. :smiling_imp: The target is the guard asleep in the parking garage security room.

Seems like it should be interesting to optimize too once you figure out the broad strokes.


Title: Loud and Silent
Platform: PC

Well, if anyone is interested, I’ve created several contracts titled “Loud and Silent” on PC. They are centered around underused unsuppressed weapons, like the HWK 21 and the Jaeger 7, to give them a little more love. Nothing fancy, but someone may like them.

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Do they need unsilenced weapons to work as intended? Or do you just have to hope that’s what people do :stuck_out_tongue:

There are 5 contracts, ATM. Four of them require the noise. I just wanted to give a reason to use those weapons.

Contract for Xbox

ID: 3-03-7329497-09

Sanguine Axes Last Employee

Sanguine is finished since the events in Paris. One guy doesn’t know yet. Bring him up to speed.

The contract involves killing the guy cleaning in the closed Sanguine shop. You need to do it with the old axe which can be found in the graveyard shed.

This is basically a SONKO Challenge, but I just made a Sapienza contract in the thread dedicated to those so I decided to put it here. SONKO players like @Euler13, @Ibbe040, @Yellow_ZR1, @Ed_ll3, @Toto might like it.

If you’re wondering what SONKO is, check over here: SONKO Challenges


This contract is more like what I was trying to achieve above with “Beached As”, except this one mainly takes place along the harbour rather than the beach (Which is less fun than if you can pull it off in Beached As). Players who aren’t as well versed in the game’s mechanics will probably go right up to the targets and push them, but I think the better players here can figure out a better way pretty easily :wink: It’s the execution that can be difficult.

I think I’ll submit this alongside Beached As when the featured contracts thread opens for May. If you guys bother to play them let me know if there’s one you prefer!

EDIT: It turns out the theme is “Party Crasher”, not “Spring Break”, so I will only submit this one since there’s a party going on in the background.

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Platform - PS4
Contract Name - The Elephant in the Room
Contract ID - 2-08-6220468-43

White text over white clothing, thanks IOI :sneezing_face:

Good afternoon, 47. Four criminals involved in the ivory poaching trade have recently been spotted in Bangkok, smuggling eighteen suspicious elephant statues to the Himmapan Hotel under the guise of hotel security. Our client wants you to infiltrate the hotel and bring about the operation’s downfall before these men can hurt anymore innocent animals.

A remake of a contract I made in Season One, which was inspired by the “I Will Cry If I Want To” challenge and me thinking that the outfit for the hotel security made them look like stereotypical poachers. Or at least the hat. ‘Don’t Get Spotted’ and ‘Targets Only’ optional complications. Hope you like pushing people as much as I do.


Fun contract - would have played it some more if it weren’t for the Church Morgue start grinding my gears. :neutral_face::-1:

:+1: @Franz
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I had this route going through sewers and appartements to avoid being witnessed. Little did I know you could get away with bringing it to the beach if you played your cards right. Nice one!

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The Portman Paradox - (2:44)


5 targets
Any Method, Suit Only

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And the ID for Xbox is 3-10-5575662-57

There’s so many contracts up here, but I thought I’d toss up the first one I made on the new game.

Platform: PS4
Contract Name: Quick & Easy
Contract ID: 2-22-3959031-97
Briefing: A quick and easy one… or is it?

Check it out, let me know what you think!


To not edit my old post or comment on the official featured thread, I’m posting this here. Now with a Steam and an Xbox ID as well. HUGE THANKS to joshmary for the Xbox ID :heart:


Name of Contract : Party 'Til You Drop
Contract IDs: :large_blue_diamond: PS4: 2-12-6309 074-54 // :wrench: Steam: 1-12-6762395-46 // :black_medium_square: Xbox: 3-12-2093 561-32

Description/Briefing :
" All the marks are near the mansion.

The huge TV may provide you with multiple opportunities.

Someone left speedboat keys laying around on the second floor… "

Why the contract should be featured :
It should be featured because the community managers can’t finish it as Silent Assassin. Just kidding, I hope.

Seriously though: it includes a roamer, a few targets distractable by a device, lots of different accident opportunities that open up after clever use of game mechanics. Almost no boring running periods at all. Contract can be started relatively close to all targets. No unlockables required to get Silent Assassin.

No Bodies Found will positively hinder people who try to bruce-force the contract just to get a checkmark for the challenge. Flash grenades might become useful (Lil’ Flashy, wink). You can use your Phantom Suit or Blue Flamingo Suit if you choose so.


Title: Don’t be afraid
Contract ID: 1-13-7768582-79
Platform: PC

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This is my expected sniper method :smiley:

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There! Was quite hard to figure it out,but i finally did it.
And the ID for Xbox is 3-11-2710518-57
@Quine :+1:

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crosspost because I’m quite happy with how this one turned out.

also @xbox players - what are your favourite hitman 2 contracts? haven’t been much into h2 contracts mode so I need some recommendations if possible

Favourite xbox contracts? @KevinRudd 's ones,definitely