HITMAN 2 Contracts From HMF Members


Never posted a contract here before and never really got into it so I’m assuming this will be flawed as anything, I put this on the featured thread but figured I’d whack it here as well!

Name of contract - IA-GHOST AT THE FEAST
Contract ID - 3-02-5529853-71
Platform - Xbox One
Location - Paris/Showstopper

Description/briefing - It’s come to our attention that a number of undesirables have found their way to the auction, naturally Miss Margolis wants this dealt with, but do keep it quiet, no need to spoil everyone else’s evening…


Title The Marino Allocation
Platform Xbox
ID 3-12-4681288-32
This is a contract with a lot of steps, as you might be able to tell just by looking at it. My best SA run used four different disguises over ~6 minutes.


You found the way to go :blush::+1::tada:

Good job and thanks for the highlight :ok_hand:

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Title: Sigma Lambda Upsilon Tau
Platform: PC
ID: 1-21-9374704-95


Contract name: An Easy Way Out
Contract ID: 1-10-8476717-73
Platform: PC
Description: :curry::tropical_drink:


I played this after unlocking the stubby Masamune this afternoon, and really enjoyed it. Think there’s three disguise changes in this run:

It was also a nice reminder of how I still don’t know some of these H2 maps that well (even after all these months). :smile:


I saw your time, @Ed_ll3, and wondered how you pulled off such an amazing time. Very impressive!.

@TheBored23: I wanted to go for a suit only run on this really interesting contract…

The Marino Allocation - Suit Only (4.04)

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@Ed_ll3 @Euler13 Very impressive from you both! I should’ve known there was a quicker means of isolating Lee than poisoning his drink, and that you two would inevitably find it.


You can follow him past the food stands for an easy kill without poison as well (if you choose to disqualify Moses - around 3m20s). @TheBored23

Nicely done Euler. That’s a lot of prep for SO. :grin:

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Been awhile. Here’s a trending contract with a half decent run.


The Marino Allocation by @TheBored23 (2:03)

Similar idea to Ed’s but different routing. I tried to do a Suit Only, Minimal Items, No Knockouts, No Thrown Distractions run, but all the ways I could think of to prematurely end the race (give the keys to the fake mascot, get rid of the guy who needs to pee) didn’t work, and the other ways either require a disguise or a KO. It still technically works, but it requires waiting out the full duration of the race and I can’t have that in a video (plus everything else is so simple that it takes only a minute or two to get into position for the kill). If anyone knows how to get those methods working reliably without knockouts, let me know; I could swear you just had to trigger the flamingo blackmailer’s thing and the race would end very quickly thereafter, but it wasn’t working for some reason.


I was about to enter contracts mode just to try a few things out, and I noticed that the order of missions is swapped. It goes Prologue – HITMAN 2 content – Legacy Content (season 1). It wasn’t always like this. Was it changed to this in the most recent patch? Cause… I’m not a fan of it. It just looks weird, in my opinion.


it was mentioned in the patch notes

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Could you please specify which one it was in or tell me what exactly it said? Sorry, I really can’t seem to find it.


Franco Lits
Franco w/ Fire Accident
PS4: 2-12-3008314-62
PC: 1-12-7555920-29

Simple to recreate.

Solution is very simple yet satisfying.

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Recreated on PC

ID : 1-12-7555920-29

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Contract name: Off Guard Time
Contract ID: 1-16-7916212-73
Platform: PC
Description: :tropical_drink:


There is my strat for Franco List. Very nice contract @JohnnyAxXx :+1:

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Platform : PS4
Contract name : Rapid assault
Contract ID : 2-09-3417901-85
Complications : no bodies found, no pacifications

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Platform : PS4
Contract name : Re:
Contract ID : 2-11-3856832-85
Complications : no pacifications