HITMAN 2 Contracts From HMF Members

Hey guys, I created a contract, with a story in mind.
This one is very easy… I try to aim for getting harder and harder…

(for PC players…)

ID: 1-02-0167237-93

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HITMAN 2 - 1-03-7745251-61 - (1:37)

Buddy Guards
PS4 ID: 2-21-9118063-94
Isle of Sgail


Puzzle contract from @YupThatTastedPurple that was left unsolved for months…

until now

Sing Us A Song You’re The Piano Man - SA - 2:41


Lead Investigator

ID: 1-03-1608653-67

This is straight forward. Lure Francesca De Santis out of the mansion by meeting her as Sal Falcone. Shoot her and get away from the scene before the crime is noticed.
The challenge here is to get the job done before the actual meeting. Then we can assume the detective will not be blamed for the kill but instead someone who did not want her to talk to Falcone. Someone like Caruso, just as the client hopes.

I know this is easy to be done fast if you use one of the current glitches to make her body not count against you, but I did not want to add the “No Body Found” complication so you can make use of the intended sedating methods to be faster. Who gets the best legit score?

Also remade this one minus “Never Spotted” and minus disguise restriction.

Light Headache: Disarmed

ID: 1-01-2718157-67

Soders is still not satisfied with your performance. He has acknowledged that you can hide in plain sight without any problems by using disguises on the one hand and that you can get past anyone with skillful shots on the other.
Therefore he has now created this task for you, believing to be able to reveal your weaknesses.
Prove that you have none.

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Not difficult at all, but we’ve all had the urge to kill him at some point, am I right?

Platform: PS4
Contract ID: 2-21-2278001-43

You read that in his voice, didn’t you


Jup, read it in that voice :joy: Gonna have a lot of fun with this one :+1:

Platform : PS4
Contract name : Rapid assault 2
Contract ID : 2-09-8531271-85
Complications : no pacifications
“no bodies found” is possible, but I judged it unnecessary.

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Ambush at the Global Innovation Race
Set in Miami

Contract ID:
3-11-2781971-09 (Xbox)

Part of my Codename 47 revival series, but it’s basically also an Any/Any contract on some interesting targets. Got some random compliments on it from Xbox players so people might like it.

The three first targets have an interesting route, depending on the outcome of the race, but can also be taken out before the race ends. Plenty of approaches I should think.


Never played a contract with him as target.

Nice idea @Absolclaw
was fun to test and explore. Here are four different ways to kill him at the harbor. The last strat is rng and depends on where the guest will run in panic.This perfect case was 1/20.
The Duck was a concussion duck, so the sound radius is perfectly useable to panic everybody, except for the target and the guards behind him.
Also an important detail: Don’t drop it, place it!
(This avoids eyes on you while telling “you dropped something”)


I admittedly have little contract making experience but we desperately need more so I took a stab at a few.

Platform: PC
Contract name: Hokkaido Head Holes
Contract ID: 1-10-0054146-39
4 Targets/Pistol Kills

Platform: PC
Contract name: They’re Guards Not Kitchen Workers
Contract ID: 1-03-8814102-39
3 Targets/No restrictions

Platform: PC
Contract name: Mumbai…More Like Slumbai
Contract ID: 1-13-0301477-39
4 Targets/No restrictions

Platform: PC
Contract name: Not On MY Lawn!
Contract ID: 1-22-8182664-39
4 Targets/No restrictions Lawn


As promised @Euler13 , I’m going to recreate your contract for PS4 now :blush:

Body, Mind and Soul
Recreation on PS4
ID: 2-12-753601-93


Thank you very much, @Club47. I hope you enjoy it and I’m looking forward to seeing how you approach it.

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Silly short contract that demonstrates the “new” SA rules.

Don’t tell anyone you saw me nacked

ID: 1-01-0820667-67

The soldiers would lose all respect towards me if you did.
And you would lose your head. Do you understand, Demidov?



TITLE: “Suburban Temptations”
Platform: Steam PC

Contract ID: 1-22-8702241-36

Comes with a working Mission Story, slowly figuring out what complications are interesting for me. Getting Richard is not that complicated - the easiest solution utilizes his Mission Story. But getting Susan is not so simple (at least not for mere mortal player like me).

Enjoy. :wink:


Any contract requiring you to be a BBQ KING is automatically superior to other contracts.

If you could type out the contract ID and add it to your post I’d love to give it a shot.


Thanks! Added the ID in my Post (although it actually was in the screencap). :slight_smile:

Good stuff, got 1:40 on it but it took me a lot of resets and I didn’t record it. Might try again later.

Lost some time between my good run and this one but Richard took his time calming down


Oh I’m happy the contract is playing well for you guys. I’m not really one of those super clever contract makers. I actually only like making the ones I can conjure a story around or in this case use Mission Stories in alternative ways. :slight_smile:

I should try it later myself for a “serious” run. :slight_smile: