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I probs wouldn’t use an unsilenced rifle, no :S

Also, I just found out that everything changes depending what spawn you start… if you start as Janitor two people go away, meaning if they’re painted as targets they’ll be long gone when you get to the sniper spot, but if you start anywhere else then they’ll stay stuck there because their script won’t have been triggered, and they’ll get in the way of the people I was going to make targets, and they’ll be the ones lured by any distractions, not the targets.

I guess I should make the required kill disguise Janitor, and maybe make it forced that you don’t change disguises, just so there’s no possible way anyone will spawn as anything else (if they want the objectives)

How does that sound to you guys as a solution to this conundrum? (On top of mentioning in briefing)

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Will also scope out places for a sniper contract. But I also noticed the thing about starting locations changing things. When you start as Investment banker, a woman goes past you the first seconds. But in your suit start you can snipe her without trouble because she is stationary until you enter her half of the map.

It is a shame because her body is in a blind spot. Leaving that initial place will not make her return there.

Urg, if the map was just slightly different, a section of wall being glass instead of wood, then there’s one locked in target I’d have for my sniper contract; but sadly this piece of wood is obscuring the view so you can’t see when there’s a different NPC standing in the kill area of a chandelier (It’s part of her path, if you could see her then all you’d have to do is time it for when she’s not there). I can only tell by using Ansel to see around it!

Alternatively I could make her a target and just expect that players will have to use Instinct to kill her

UPDATE: Alright, I think I found five targets, one requires you to go to the empty room next door and snipe someone in a different area; I’m just going to recreate it a few times to make sure it wasn’t a fluke that the bodies weren’t found (You need to shoot them at very specific angles or they’ll be found)

EDIT: Dammit, was too much of a fluke, there are 3-4 targets who are definitely consistent from the Janitor start, but I feel like I need a 5th or the contract will be too quick and easy for my liking

Not Enough Pockets
PC: 1-24-3781487-43

Not sure if you have definately moved on from this target, but personally I would not mind having to use instinct mode for a target.

Remade the contract and added an exit (main one). I did not realize the janitor target has a key on him that opens the exit right next to him. As I try to make both starting locations being considered to get a good score, I added this additional complication. :slight_smile:

What color has your collar?

ID: 1-24-4278398-67

Some people you look up at, some you look down on. And often it can change very quickly from which point you look at your own life. And the life of others. A single event can turn everything upside down. Or end it even.
You could spend your life day for day in the same position while having an unknown twin who lives the exact opposite life of yours. Maybe even in the same place! And you would never know.
Exit: main entrance to balance possible routes.

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  • PC: 1-24-9523723-46
  • Electrocution, Electrocution, Shotgun
  • Suit Only

Immigrated recently so PS4 did not make the trip…

Originally I was going to make a “Reservoir Dogs” heist type contract but then while writing the briefing I recalled the marketing slogan for the 2003 remake of “The Italian Job” (Which I love) …“Get In. Get Out. Get Even.” and so The New York Job was born.

Also I avoided making bank entrance a required exit to allow flexibility and player choice, to each their own but if you know how to get the data core case out the front door then you know what I know :wink:
Lastly please read the briefing as it stipulates what would have been pickup item objectives (if that ever gets added to contracts mode). So you have to pickup file x and Datcore Y etc. Wish we could mark objects in instinct as something that has to be picked up etc. @Travis_IOI #FeedbackForTheTeam

The New York Job (Inspired by The Italian Job)
PC: 1-24-2421643-48
Conditions (No disguise change so you have to start as bank robber)


Had to make a contract that is more challenging or less depending on how well you do in the Job interview mission story…

The Interview!
PC: 1-24-3475209-48
Optional Comp: No CCTV evidence

The Wolves of Wall Street
PC: 1-24-0470299-48

I have a somewhat hard time to make a contract that requires quite some management and time. Now I made one. Go full out with your “OP” items. :stuck_out_tongue:

I did not include a story in the briefing this time because I wanted to pack it with useful information. In case I submit it to be featured I want to make it doable for as many as possible. And give an optional challenge for those who seek it.

In any way you need to know many parts of the map, if not all of them if you go for the best time.

Resource Management

ID: 1-24-7599135-67

Hello Agent. Read the following intel carefully as the contract requires your fullest attention:

  • Propane flasks are needed for the first two targets.
  • You can find two of them near the last two targets.
  • Select your starting disguise and loadout carefully.

If extra challenge is required, the contract can be done in your suit and without any loadout.


Ninja Bunny Bingo
PC Contract ID: 1-24-5890616-48

A Ruby Red Stain
PC Contract ID: 1-24-2048956-48

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A New York Minute
PC Contract ID: 1-24-9737564-48

This is similar to something I was going to make, after I work out the routing a bit more. I was too slow :frowning:

Ruby’s Gang
PC Contract ID : 1-24-2624529-29
Enjoy !

It’s really hard to come up with a sniper contract on New York which is consistent and doesn’t rely on any luck, has the same relevant NPC paths no matter how quickly you stick around to trigger their scripts, has 4-5 targets, and can’t just be cheated by going right up to them the old fashioned way and luring them out of sight then shooting them with a sniper up close to save time.

I’m gonna come up with something, but it’s not looking great, I pick a target and a new flaw is exposed, such as a body that’s out of sight is discovered by someone dragging another body from a (sniper-triggered) accident to that area; unless I make that ‘part of the puzzle’ of what order you’re meant to kill them in? This is probs the hardest map it’s been to come up with a sniper contract for me… damn you, IO. I better be able to get good 3 sniper contracts out of The Resort to make up for this

PC: 1-24-1866789-46
New York
3 targets
Pistol, Pistol, Pistol
Suit Only, Headshots Only (opt), Do Not Get Spotted (opt)

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Resource Management - (2-14)

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Platform : PS4
Contract name : Breaking women
Contract ID : 2-24-6845274-85