HITMAN 2 Contracts From HMF Members

Wow, did it take you long to find that sweet spot to put the phone? I swear I put it in a few places but the event staff lady came over instead, or someone on the other side of the wall wearing a hat. Good work

Nice strat! I assumed it would be too difficult to do two separate explosions because they’d both have to be while you’re at the exit, and same time as each other so no one panicked and moved, but you found a way!

I think this series by RookieAgent47, called Mr. Dressup, is pretty cool. He’s doing one for each story map.

There’re all no pacification with multiple disguises.

Here’s the first one from Paris

If this is your type of thing, search Mr. Dressup on PS4 contracts for the rest of the series (at the time of this writing there are 8).


Platform : PS4
Contract name : Death coordinator 47
Contract ID : 2-11-7323587-85

Not random target, enjoy :smiley:


What does everyone think of having a thread where contracts are listed in specific categories so if someone’s feeling like a specific type of contract they can just go to the list and play it? Presumably the comments of the thread would be people submitting/nominating contracts to be added to the categories (As well as people showing off their playthroughs if they wished).

For example one category could be about Employee Interactions (Food Server, Barber, Bartender, etc. Things where you are given button prompts as an employee), another could be contracts which are great for using loud weapons but still getting SA, another could be explosives or specifically RFID explosives which are underused, another one is Hostile Disguise contracts, yadda yadda ya

Good or bad idea?

I like it maybe some different categories though like SA, sniper, speed run, non SA

Well there’s already a Sniper thread so I didn’t bother to mention that one specifically

I don’t know if there’s an appetite for non-SA contracts (Most contracts are already SA capable so wouldn’t need a category, would be redundant). The best option would be a contract which is done in an area where you can use loud weapons, and yet still get SA because people from the rest of the map won’t come running. I just played one called “Have Fun Storming The Castle” in Sapienza Ruins, there’s only 7 people there, 5 are targets, so you can wait for the 2 civilians to run away or just tranq gun them, then shoot everyone with Striker! Those are the contracts I think I worth listing: Loud gunfight but still SA possible

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I’d love to be able to put tags on my contracts while within the HITMAN2.exe, so I could put tags like “speed”, “routing”, “puzzle”, “hard”, “joke”, etc.


Puzzle is a great category, would love a list of puzzle contracts

Hard would be a difficult one, there are about 5 million contracts out there which have 12 complications slapped on them, so that’s hard list filled out for life

But yeah, having it embedded in the game itself would be much better; they haven’t touched contracts mode in almost two years tho :frowning:

PS4: 2-20-6666747-54

Hawke’s Bay
3 targets
No optionals/complications


Do you want to go ahead and make that puzzle contract thread? If it gets popular it could become a featured contract theme pretty soon. I haven’t played too many of these besides I guess vanishing act

Wasn’t Vanishing Act just a SASO contract where you had to sneak into mansion basement? Or am I confusing it with something else

No you had to get into the vanisher’s office with NKO and weapons wouldn’t really work because you had to get out still. In the end the real solution was emetic syringes

Don’t know if I’d quite label that as puzzle, as it could be done with excellent sneaking, maybe things like magnesium powder, or setting off an explosion so guards run away to it

Puzzle contract is more like Urben’s featured contract where you had to kill the waiter while wearing a waiter disguise but he had to be awake, and you can’t just lure the non-target waiter to the power box and take his clothes because you had to hide all bodies and there’s nothing to hide them in near the power box. It wasn’t a hard puzzle but still a bit of a puzzle; where as Vanishing Act is like “just be really good at sneaking around” or “Use any myriad of distractions”, etc

A contract series, called “Formal Commission”, which features a contract in each Season 2 locations prior to Hawke’s Bay contract mode release. All contracts have 3 targets and Any kill method + Suit Only with an instafail No Disguise Changes complication. Currently only on PS4.

Miami and Mumbai have two versions with almost the same title, but “2.0” refers to the final one. I’ll delete the first versions when/if we can remove our own contracts in the future.

  • The Formal Commission 2.0 // 2-11-0719103-54
  • Formal Commission 2 // 2-12-3003058-54
  • Formal Commission 3 - 2.0 // 2-13-0209534-54
  • Formal Commission 4 // 2-22-6774323-54
  • Formal Commission 5 // 2-21-5461751-54
  • Formal Commission 6 // 2-24-2437534-54
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2 Cosplay Karma Contracts for PS4 players (I did not have the time to submit them).

Concept: 47 as a Slasher created by the player
Location: Hawke’s Bay
5 Targets / All Melee / Suit Only / No records / Timelimit: 7:30 (I set it considering the beach start location with no lockpick or house key).

Concept: A Crocodille Dundee reference that takes place in Delgado’s Mansion. Kill all Delgados with a certain knife.
Location: Santa Fortuna
4 Targets / 3 Melee 1 any / Only one exit

Both have a cool briefing/description :sweat_smile:

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Yeah that was a really great contract! My only complaint was some inconsistencies with distracting the target waiter

Platform : PS4
Contract name : Contract #99 Ghost rabbit
Contract ID : 2-24-5098366-85
Complications : perfect shooter, no pacifications



Thought of a lot of (mostly sex-related) puns for this, but couldn’t decide, so just picked one.


  • PC: 1-03-2889747-52
  • PS4: 2-03-4422823-82
  • Xbox: 3-03-5544040-80

I’ll explain the main points of this contract:

  • The virus chamber is soundproof, so I’m giving you an excuse to use a shotgun unsilenced. You’re welcome (I would’ve put any firearm, but it doesn’t let me)
  • You are not allowed to wear a hazmat suit, which means you have to deal with the toxic air if you go in
  • You are required to hide all bodies, therefore you have to go inside the virus chamber to dispose of them (Unless you can find a way to lure all targets out)

So the premise of this contract is a loud massacre (in a soundproof room) and dealing with the toxins. This contract will be a lot better when/if the Sawed Off Bartoli becomes a starting weapon; at that point it will become a speedrun contract. I also really wish I could make unsilenced weapons a complication, as people who just want to be the best will pick a silenced one anyway, as it does make a slight difference depending which area you fire a shot (If one of the targets is in the decontamination walkway he’ll hear it and call for guards, delaying you).


HITMAN 2 - I Never Wear a Rubber - (2:18)

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If we get the shotgun as default loadout you probably got all you wanted for the contract.
Now running to the pickup is annoying enough to better make it Any Method, but then it would be great with a pocket shotgun.