HITMAN 2 Contracts From HMF Members

Re-posting here just in case some of you missed it in the September Featured Contract Thread:

Name of Contract: Thinning Out the Competition
Contract ID: 1-11-9938889-28
Platform: PC
Location: Miami

Why the contract should be featured:

Story Drama
The story is relatively straightforward – a couple of support drivers hires the ICA to eliminate the competition. Their exact motivations are only very vaguely referenced so that the player can have a free reign to guess and role-play. For what it’s worth, my own head canon is that Andrea and Brett are secret lovers and have deliberately selected the very public venue of the VIP Lounge so that they can see each other without really seeing each other and also to give themselves an alibi, though perhaps the alibi is not as solid as they would have thought.

Technical Difficulty
Complications: Targets Only (Optional), Do Not Get Spotted (Optional)

Other Notes:

I considered adding Brett to the roster of victims, but decided against it due to the difficulty of isolating him for a Fiber Wire kill – it’s definitely doable, but this contract already has four targets, this will hopefully shorten the time needed for casual players to finish this contract in a somewhat timely manner.

Plus, it worked out well this way – poor Andrea being the only survivor would undoubtedly leave a rather harsh spotlight on her!


Veteran players would know what to do here, but for the casual player, figuring out how to get Silent Assassin while fulfilling the kill conditions should provide an interesting wrinkle.

Though to be fair, the answers are easily reachable via Google!

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I’ll definitely try this contract.
Seems cool

Wait, it may get featured :stuck_out_tongue:

“Do not try to bend the spoon — that’s impossible. Instead, only try to realize the Truth: there is no spoon.” :sunglasses:

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Week of waiting.
Too much, especially when it’s already available.
I will simply replay it if it gets featured, to register it for progress :slight_smile:
Sometimes I do like this: play some submission and then play it again if it happens to get featured.
Some contracts are really cool and it even worth to play them several times

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AR Gone Too Far (1:10)
Created by @vex1993

ID for PS4

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Three Any/Any targets,one minute time limit.


Hey there!

Very nice job with the run. This is the first time anyone has actually posted any of my contracts on YouTube – not that I have many of those in the first place! – so you can imagine my excitement! Thank you very much for this.

I had taken a deliberately slow approach while earning Silent Assassin rating when I was playing my own contract just to show the curious that Silent Assassin is indeed possible. Your run is more what I envisioned the actual time to be.

A couple of remarks (hidden in spoilers to protect the innocent and not-so-innocent):

1. I didn’t know that you can distract Thierry Durand right out of the medical building by sabotaging the fire hydrant – indeed, I confess that I may have missed the fact that one existed one there in the first place! This will definitely shave off time in my own strat. Thanks for showing me something I didn’t know! :smiley:

2. I see that you started off by sedating Henry Ling, which is what I had in mind when I designed the contract. It was hard to arrange the kills in such an order to disguise my original intent, but obviously you saw right through it!

3. You used the coin luring trick to get to Edwin Schmitz. I personally pre-poisoned the drink in the Thwack paddock that Schmitz goes to after you get the interviewer out of the way, the latter which is doable with two distraction throws. Not sure which strat is faster – probably yours, in all liklihood – but my way is a bit easier to replicate. No one goes to the bathroom Schmitz uses either, so it safe to leave him lying there. No extra XP for hiding his body, though.

4. You took out the guard patrolling up and down the back area – presumably to prevent him from seeing you take out Trevor Jones. You can actually save yourself some time there and not bother with the guard – if you position the coin correctly, you can position Jones in such a way that the guard cannot see 47 killing him off. You just need to place the coin a bit more to the right side of the area and a bit closer to the chest. Worse comes to worse, the guard does not stand in place for long, so it’s perfectly viable to keep bumping into Jones until the guard goes away.

5. Level 2023?! Just how many hours have you pumped into this game?? I can’t remember my own level off the top of my head, but it’s definitely less than half yours! I must defer to your superior HITMAN skills – or at least to you superior grinding skills! :rofl:

Once again, thanks for trying out my contract. I do hope you enjoyed it!

– C

I want to send this contract in Featured Contracts in October. Please rate.

[Optional: No Bodies Found]

Bloody Treasures

Sophia Washington wants get a treasure, but three architects of The Ark Society by manipulation and other bad things they want to get everything for themselves. Your primary target - Jorge M. Johnson has already agreed with the main worker to transfer the treasure. Ryan Hunter and Rebecca Hale agreed with Blake Nathaniel about selling the treasure. Sophia wants all targets to be eliminated in any accident. Of course, we have to kill Sophia, but let’s help her before death.
Happy Hunting.

The target on the third floor is destroyed by a shot through the ceiling!


Yes.I guess you are right.Wait for your vid :smile:

Thank you for the contract in first place :slight_smile:
If you hadn’t created it, I wouldn’t have posted a video of it :slight_smile:
Though it turned out video is a bit broken with FPS dropping in some places when it was perfectly smooth in the game itself. That’s a bit frustrating, but when I saw it I was a bit exhausted to re-record the whole run. Maybe I’ll do it if this contract gets featured. I think it more than worth to have it there.

Silent Assassin should be possible by default. Otherwise it would’ve been a bad contract :slight_smile:

  1. You live and learn :slight_smile:
  2. I didn’t learn kill conditions till I started playing contract, so I was a bit puzzled what to do to get at least first required disguise. After a bit of brainstorming I remembered of tranq, which I don’t use regularly at all. It was obvious way to use it here, cuz after it used and body gets found it keeps SA. Easy disguise with an opportunity to kill a target in required way.
  3. Now it’s my turn to learn :slight_smile: I didn’t know this so I came up with this silly strat. But I presume it’s faster than wait half an hour till he gets to the drink. And I don’t know what this drink is.
  4. You’re right, I took him out to prevent of being seen by him. I prefer to be perfectly safe than being in a hurry while some NPC is distracted or temporary busy. First I left him a little present to get rid of him, but then I remembered that I have one more shot of tranq and desided to use it.
  5. About 2700 hours. It’s nothing special about it, I just play the game. Patient Zero mission and Ghost Mode are main things I play, but sometimes I play contracts and regular missions. Play a lot, so I have that level now. I’m curious about which level is highest and what picture will we get for each, so it’s my stimulus

A quick reply to two points mentioned:

2. Tranquilizer is definitely the most efficient strat here. Another possibility here is the sedative vial, which is what I imagine what more casual players would go for – especially since the former is an earlier and perhaps easier unlock.

3. No waiting involved, my friend: unless you take out that interviewer Edwin Schmitz will stay at the stairs forever. But once you take the interviewer out he’ll march over to the Thwack paddock immediately. I actually discovered this quite by accident on one of my attempts to create a previous contract of mine, Riding Shotgun – it’s somewhere earlier in this thread if you scroll up.

Here’s a unique one for you guys “Gourmet’s Delight” it’s short and sweet and not difficult to achieve Silent Assassin.

If you’ve ever wanted to continue the legacy of the trainee chef who improperly prepared fugu fish in Hokkaido, now you can with the bonus of tampering with more food on display.

Platform: PC

Location: Hokkaido

Contract ID:1-10-1180473-97

I have got a puzzle contract which I submitted for featured contracts this month.I hope you will enjoy it.

Anyone have any more info on how to make those contracts with no targets?

Unmarking while holding down G either gets rid of the prompt if you’re too early, or leaves the target in (even though you’ve unmarked them) if you leave it to the end of the prompt.

If you unmark on an exit that makes your player do an animation before the exit begins (Aka makes you press the button in the Prologue levels) then the game just never exits and you’re stuck with a weird camera angle

The ol’ “mark and unmark an alive person quickly and the exit will show for a split second” method no longer is an option since there’s now a 2 second delay for exit to show up (Not that it worked before the delay for me, it made my PC crash every time).

I have an actually cool idea for a contract, but I can’t find a glitch to make it work :cry:

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Tiger>Lion - (0:55) ID: 1-02-9266536-04


What the hell is with ValentinErohimAlan on PC? He’s made 5 contracts on Haven Island all called “Pistol” and they’re all on Trending. How is this spammers contracts always on Trending?


^ @Travis_IOI you might want to look at that.

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