HITMAN 2 Contracts From HMF Members

Name: The Dundee Easter egg
Contract ID: 1-26-6791931-31
Platform : steam PC
Briefing: Trick-or-treating .I have been trying to find this ever since the movie came out. Awesome find.

Fate of the Captain - (1:15)

PS4: 2-21-0619069-54

Your targets are followers of the Ark Society and part of an enigmatic conspiracy theorist group called “The Truth”.

They strongly believe that an organization is behind the deaths of Janus and Nolan Cassidy, but only a few Providence members take them remotely serious. Everyone thinks that the conspiracists are just crazy, which is obviously good news for us.

Still, we must tie up loose ends before Providence realize what they’ve ignored.

5 targets
Any Method in Event Staff
No Disguise Changes

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Elusive target “The slave owner”

Name of contract: Elusive target “The slave owner”

Contract ID:
PC: 1-26-0375643-36
PS4: Coming soon…





Elusive target “The slave owner“ - (0-25)


Please - new contract
Name: Threefold threat
ID: 1-26-6059083-93
Time limit 2 minutes
The 47th! Leave the island now. Change clothes like gloves! Free the pier from the triple threat!
47й! Срочно покиньте остров. Меняйте одежду как перчатки! Освободите пирс от тройной угрозы!




I like this one, it’s much easier than your usual contracts :sweat_smile:

Hello agents.

I noticed that you liked my new contract for the eliminate of “Slave Owner” and therefore I am making a vote who will be the new target.

  • Artist
  • Preachers
  • Agent

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Hello again!

Voting is over, which means your next targets are being sent to Marrakech. The contract will be released on October 31th.

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Sorry I don’t have friends who have xBox(

I’ve tried to do this using the non-glitch method you described, but it’s bloody tough or potentially not even possible now. I emetic’d 3 guards closest to guy, distracted one with gun placement, KO’d the other on the podium itself, KO’d another guy down near dolphin fountain, KO’d the three guards who aren’t sleeping in garage, but still the person they report the gun to is a guard near podium, who’d glitched out and just standing there not puking, and immune to Kalmer, and does not respond to thrown distractions!

Please - new contract
Name: Working conflict
ID: 1-26-7002855-93

Working conflict: The 47th! The Director of the recreation complex asked our agency to solve one working conflict between the employees. Everything needs to be done quickly!

Рабочий конфликт: 47й! Дирекция комплекса отдыха попросила наше агентство решить один рабочий конфликт между сотрудниками. Всё нужно сделать быстро!

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Platform ; PC
Contract name; The Muffin King
Contract ID; 1-26-5047245-19

Could you please add more information?It looks interesting,but I can’t check your contract because I am on PS4.

watch the 1st kill on this video
its pretty much 3 targets which u can kill them the same way :slight_smile:

link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2j1Lm-zZNA

Aw, drat. Well, I got it to work long ago. I can’t say whether I just had a lucky path that somehow circumvented the problems you’re facing, or whether it’s contract rot setting in and what once worked now doesn’t. :man_shrugging:

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Went for Culinary Syringe. Enjoyed that extra challenge to it all.


Please - new contract
Name: Eviction
ID: 1-08-3078814-93

Eviction: The 47th! Relatives of the manager settled in the hotel. They don 't pay, because under the laws of the family, they don 't have to pay. But the manager loses profit, he asked to evict his relatives, invisible to others!

Выселение: 47й! В гостинице поселились родственники управляющего. Они не платят, так как по законам семьи, не должны платить. Но управляющий теряет прибыль, он просил выселить его родственников, незаметно для окружающих!


Really interesting. I’m not quite certain how to pull that one off!? :confused:
But I’ve got an idea. I’ll need to test it.

Not a perfect playthrough but I beat it, after a few failed attempts I came prepared with extra distractions around 3:45 but it turns out I didn’t need them, so now it’s just wasted time. Took 5 minutes 56 seconds.