HITMAN 2 Contracts From HMF Members

Platform ; PC
Contract name; The Muffin King
Contract ID; 1-26-5047245-19

Could you please add more information?It looks interesting,but I can’t check your contract because I am on PS4.

watch the 1st kill on this video
its pretty much 3 targets which u can kill them the same way :slight_smile:

link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2j1Lm-zZNA

Aw, drat. Well, I got it to work long ago. I can’t say whether I just had a lucky path that somehow circumvented the problems you’re facing, or whether it’s contract rot setting in and what once worked now doesn’t. :man_shrugging:

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Went for Culinary Syringe. Enjoyed that extra challenge to it all.


Please - new contract
Name: Eviction
ID: 1-08-3078814-93

Eviction: The 47th! Relatives of the manager settled in the hotel. They don 't pay, because under the laws of the family, they don 't have to pay. But the manager loses profit, he asked to evict his relatives, invisible to others!

Выселение: 47й! В гостинице поселились родственники управляющего. Они не платят, так как по законам семьи, не должны платить. Но управляющий теряет прибыль, он просил выселить его родственников, незаметно для окружающих!


Really interesting. I’m not quite certain how to pull that one off!? :confused:
But I’ve got an idea. I’ll need to test it.

Not a perfect playthrough but I beat it, after a few failed attempts I came prepared with extra distractions around 3:45 but it turns out I didn’t need them, so now it’s just wasted time. Took 5 minutes 56 seconds.


Your contracts have been getting better and better lately

This one’s a bit of a puzzle. It was on the verge of almost starting to be frustrating with both accidents required + No KOs, but I got there after about 3 or 4 tries. The two male targets are fairly easy (I went for falling object on clothed man, and electric puddle for Julian), but it was Jackie who was the real challenge.

I was the slowest out of everybody, because I waited for her to go to the toilet (which is at the ~6.50 mark), but it was good. Total time ~7.50

Keep up the good work, you’re starting to make it into my top 5 favourite contractors with these contracts

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Urben, Chaos Agent, Yourself (?), Frote, PEA(?)

I know that at least 3 of those will be right :wink:

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Hitman 2 Contract - The Golden Heist
Platform: PS4
Contract Name: The Golden Heist
Contract ID: 2-24-9084400-43

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Hitman 2 Contract - Heavy Machete Message
Platform: PC
Contract Name: Heavy Machete Message
Contract ID: 1-26-6637122-13
Seven optional complications

Targets are ex-members of the notorious Le Machete Gang, wanted in connection to a series of violent crimes. All are presently working off their debts to Haven, before beginning their new lives.

The client wants them to suffer the same signature fate as their victims whilst implicating their former gang.

Hey everyone, you have ~12 hours before IO removes the Sawed-Off shotgun as a starting weapon.

I made this really cool contract that can only be completed with the sawed-off starting weapon, but it seems IO strikes again. I was waiting for it to be recreated on PS4 before I posted, but no point waiting now, PC and Xbox players have a shot now before this Elusive Contract is gone forever!


Just barely got that imaginary silver trophy.

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Oh wow, didn’t even realise there was a container where you stashed the female target, and I’ve played it like 10 or so times

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On my first several attempts I just hid her in the bathroom next to Silvio’s mother’s room. But then I noticed the container and thought you planned it that way and just rolled with it.

Nah I intended the container in Mrs. Caruso’s room :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m wondering if I used your container I could make my strat even faster

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HITMAN 2 - Sawed-Off Surprise - (1:23)


You get platinum trophy


“Silent” Assassin in 1:18: