HITMAN 2 Contracts From HMF Members

There we go. @Sniff, please, it’s just copy and paste!


That’s because:

  • 47 apparently thinks he HAS to prepare fresh sushi every time he enters the stand blending spot, so you can’t serve a dish you prepared beforehand like you can with drinks in Haven for example.
  • Can’t 100% confirm that behaviour but from my testing, when you manage to force Smith to get up, once he runs out of AI scripts to execute (like picking up coins, vomiting, panicking, reporting weapons, etc.), since he doesn’t have a set route, he instantly teleports back to the morgue fridge.

Ergo, if you use the weapon report follow trick to bring him in front of the stand, if the voice line where he berates you about the gun lying on the floor is shorter than the animation of preparing sushi, he teleports away from the bar before you can serve him.
I tried delaying his teleport by placing coins but then he doesn’t seem to react to you serving the sushi (unless I messed up in my tests which is possible).


Ohhh okay, I didn’t realise you could even serve food properly in Hokkaido; I thought that none of Legacy maps had the server mechanic put in them, because I know Paris didn’t with the bartender, nor the cafe in Sapienza, nor the alcohol stand in Landslide, nor snail stand in Marrakesh, etc etc

They seemed to still involve poisoning individual bottles/glasses/items etc; so I was thinking how the hell could Smith consume poison?

Since the topic of the new selected contracts has already been announced, I can present three contracts, which will gradually come outimage



(5 Target, 2 Specific Melee/Resort Staff, No Complications)

(Inspired by the Himmapan Horror challenge pack)

No Loadout
No Electronic Key Hacker/Disposable Scrambler
Staff Wardrobe Smuggle Point Only

Very minor puzzle (Baby’s first puzzle contract?)

The guy with truck keys is a non-target, and everyone must be hidden, but there are no containers nearby.

Turns out a slightly easier solution is SA-possible, which I thought wasn’t :stuck_out_tongue:


I enjoyed this one, wonder if I could get it down to 47 seconds.

edit: I did it! …then killed a non-target exiting the level by running over him in the truck

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You’re obsessed with 0:47, you need help

Firstly I recommend using the Smart Glass App when typing out Contract Descriptions on Xbox.


Platform: PC
Contract name: Back on vacation
Contract ID: 1-04-7725379-58

Here’s the solution to the Smith contract by the way:


I give you some advice:Submit this contract to be featured this month,because you can kill Smith only on a special occasion.:joy:

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It’s a good contract but I’m afraid that the weapon lure could be at risk if it gets featured lol.

And while I’m I just wanted to thank all of the contract creator for putting out great contracts.


A contract for Hitman 2 Birthday :partying_face::birthday: (and for featured :wink:)!

Alright, now here’s a not-as- easy puzzle contract that I’m hoping will one day be considered to be isn’t in the same league as @Urben’s classics.

Kill a man on the beach and hide his body; simples, yeah?

The timer is there so most of the old slow-and-steady methods don’t work.

You may think you know the answer, but I’d encourage you to try it first to see if it’s within the timer. (Note: It may be possible to succeed with a bit of RNG, but that is not the intention. There’s a way to guarantee you’ll make it every time) and you probably do

No glitches or bugs required

  • PC: 1-20-8486113-52
  • PS4: 2-20-1557467-07 (@TheContractor)
  • Xbox: 3-20-2590879-80 (CamTheChest)

I tried to use the ICA Space Program but bodies don’t get hidden in deep ocean somehow.

So instead I just gave the guy a briefcase to stash in the garage, as I presume is intended.


That worked within the time limit?

Cos I swear I tried that and I couldn’t get it any quicker than 3:36… although that was an illegal item, not a briefcase… are they quicker at picking up briefcases then they are mines?

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When all your attempts are a bomb, just seek help from the wishing pond.

Puzzle contract time!
This is a remaster of a badly designed contract I originally made in Hitman 2016. With the new tools from Hitman 2 I was able to improve the concept and make it more enjoyable and not relying on RNG.

The required exit is the cable car, the time limit has about 5 to 7s to spare.

The tight time limit and no missed shot complication (though that one is a bit overkill) exist to make sure you’re forced to use the intended puzzle mechanic, and divert players from incorrect strats. Otherwise you’d be turning this puzzle contract into a bland speedrun contract, and that’s not what I wanted.
It might still be possible but it has to be insanely hard, and still slower than the intended method anyway.

  • PC: 1-10-7790452-83
  • PS4: N/A
  • Xbox One: N/A

It seems I did an oopsie, right? I barely made it but was able to beat it in 3:26 with the briefcase strat. 10s slower than your intended method then.

They do pick it up way faster, as they don’t report the sound distraction nor the lying briefcase to HQ through their radio.

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Damn, I was worried I left the timer too generous :sweat_smile:

I may have to remake it 5-10 seconds faster :stuck_out_tongue:

Alright, thanks for letting me know, will have to play around in the morning.

But yeah, that’s definitely not the intended strat, much too boring. I tried the emetic poison as a reference, I thought they don’t need to respond to a noise, nor pick anything up, nor report it; and that still takes longer than 3:30 no matter how good you are. They must walk at a slightly slower speed when emetic then

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