HITMAN 2 Contracts From HMF Members

Yeah, I was just going to make a second Hawke’s Bay contract which relied on that method (minus the RNG), but Hawke’s Bay is still bugged, whole map knows who you are just from two bullet impacts.

This was a good puzzle, BUT it’s the type of contract where even when you know the answer, it still took me like 20 tries to get all objectives + SA; it was just the teeniest bit frustrating to for me to put in my favourites :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t watch any playthroughs, I started as handyman and tried that approach, but I kept being compromised one way or another, so I tried the kitchen start strat for about 10 tries, but gave up because it was just too hard with the patrolling guard down there and having to be precise with the breaching charge and KOing the targets so they don’t move (Got close a couple times). Then I saw the Thumbnail of SANY’s run and figured the answer did involve the handyman start after all, and that’s when it took me another almost 20 tries :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going to watch his video now, he beat me by 2 secs

Just watched your video, I have no idea how you didn’t get spotted throwing those two illegal items. I kept getting spotted throwing two LEGAL items (Pale Duck + EMP charge). Guess you just have to be really really quick?

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He’s Russian, they’re legal there.

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My November featureds submissions so far. I always feel so inspired by featured submissions and I need to get back into posting here :partying_face:

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PC: 1-11-6231317-46

No Complications

That’s why I wasn’t sure about adding Perfect Shooter.
Bullet distractions would have made throwing illegal items without getting spotted much easier, but I didn’t want the straightforward chef start + confront the targets face-to-face strat to work. It was either that or making the time limit tighter, and I’m not sure which solution is better.

Otherwise throwing the items isn’t too hard, you just need to find a correct angle and be careful about the “stench of death” (as in don’t move in front of NPCs too fast after throwing the item, they can spot you with a delay otherwise). You can get screwed by physics but normally it’s fairly consistant after some experimenting.

By the way, the EMP charge is illegal to throw.

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Alrighty, most of us in this thread already have a good idea of the ‘solution’, but the question is what’s the best way to execute that solution? Where? How?.. and how fast?

Oh and this time I checked, @Salem, emetic and briefcases don’t take them to closeted areas :wink:

The targets are man at default starting gate, and identical looking man on other side of fountain from gate, if anyone wants to remake on PS4 or just think up strats before loading up the game.

No timer on this, if you can pull off a great time doing anything at all, I encourage it! My best time is 3:48 currently, or was it 3:38… That was on creation, so I’m not on the leaderboard yet

  • PC: 1-02-6344955-52

I was a bit iffy about that, but now I’m thinking about it… I’m wondering if maybe the required exit was a bit redundant; I don’t think there’s any exit that’s way closer and changes everything… not the helicopter, definitely not the mountain pass, and I imagine snowmobile would work out to be roughly the same time as Cable car? Did you put that in to help people figure out the route, or to force people to do specifically the handyman strat?


Btw if you are so much into hiding guards who are not close to boxes, you can check this old of mine. All-known targets but you only have one weapon they would carry away.


Will give a shot tomorrow!


Hmm interesting, I’ll try these ones later (why are yous all on PC? :sob:)

Since puzzle contract seem to be the craze atm :wink: @KevinRudd @Salem @Urben

All you have to do is get the scalpel. Easy, right?

PS4: 2-26-2457362-07


I wanted to make the same contract (scalpel + perfect shooter) but the solution is too obvious sadly. :smiley: Still a nice puzzle for trying around.


The lab rats - (1:24)

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Okay, let’s try this one on for size :wink: a (hopefully) decent puzzle contract

Edit: PC: 1-10-2512798-52

(Yes, I stole @KevinRudd’s imaginary trophies)

So this contract has one simple goal, burn the doctor as quickly as possible. However, you have to take into account

  • You can’t shoot the barrel, so you need a screwdriver and an ignition source
  • You have to get Veitch to 1 of 2 gasoline drums on the map (both evenly far from him)

Also, this contract requires no distraction spamming or other exploits. Just a careful loadout and some clever thinking :wink:

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Putting a Breaching Charge on a undamaged fire barrel turns it into a remote fire accident kill.

Sorry :sweat_smile:


A cozy little escalation a came up with a requested complication, don’t scare the birds! This escalation is revolved around them and how you don’t have to interact with them to trigger them.

I forgot to grab the IDs, so search up “The Siobhan Serenity” through the search bar! (xbox, can recreate on other platforms with the info below)

Level 1

  • Eliminate the maid next to the birdcage
  • No bodies can be found
Level 2

  • Eliminate the maid next to the birdcage
  • Eliminate the maid upstairs
  • Eliminate the maid upstairs
  • No bodies can be found
  • Do not be spotted
Level 3


  • Eliminate the maid next to the birdcage with a hatchet
  • Eliminate the maid upstairs with a hatchet
  • Eliminate the maid upstairs with a hatchet
  • Eliminate the maid in the dining room nearby with a hatchet
  • No bodies can be found
  • Do not be spotted
  • No pacifications

Go into my contracts and you can find the ID’s. Great idea though!

Eh, still doesn’t make the puzzle trivial, that was only a piece. YOU CAN’T RUIN THIS ONE URBACH! :wink:


Yeah, I made the contract a while ago but on the guy who’s in front of the cabinet, and I was calling it “The Cabinet of Dr. [whateverhisnameis]”, also decided it wasn’t worth it in the end :stuck_out_tongue:

I was gonna say I’d try your other one, but forgot for a second we’re on different platforms!

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The original idea was to use the Striker/El Matador because they have body piercing ammo and at far enough distances are non-lethal, but I couldn’t get the angling right on it so it ended up being a pretty crap puzzle all in all :man_shrugging:

Very happy with I’m Burning Up, Doc tho. Initially did it with the chief surgeon but he naturally came out near the Gasoline Drum so I remade it with a more static doctor

Before I played it I was hesitant to give your contract a heart because I strongly dislike The Final Test, but that was a good little contract!

It’s nice to have to think up a strat with only a default loadout. I also got to test out a theory I had which thankfully ended up being true. My time was 4:33 SA, I probably could’ve gotten it down to 4 if I wished.

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