HITMAN 2 Contracts From HMF Members

Before I played it I was hesitant to give your contract a heart because I strongly dislike The Final Test, but that was a good little contract!

It’s nice to have to think up a strat with only a default loadout. I also got to test out a theory I had which thankfully ended up being true. My time was 4:33 SA, I probably could’ve gotten it down to 4 if I wished.

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Please - new contract
Name: Portman’s revenge
ID: 1-10-2008063-93

The 47th! Mr. Portman asked you to personally punish his abusers. By their fault, Mr Portman suffered a head injury. Work 47th!

47й! Мистер Портман просил вас лично наказать его обидчиков. По их вине мистер Портман получил травму головы. Работайте 47й!

Currently trying to recreate, can it be done without glitches or ‘RNG’ or annoying constant lures?

I tried the obvious method and I ended 14 seconds late :stuck_out_tongue:

Gonna keep at it and assume there’s an answer I hadn’t thought of yet, besides annoying lures

:heart_eyes: Thanks!

Yep, zero glitches, RNG, or distraction spamming. I won’t spoil how it’s done but just ask and I’ll let you know


Cool, will get back to it after my dinner; and if I fail I’ll message you!

You also gave me an idea for a puzzle contract (It’s not the solution to yours, it just gave me a different thought), but it requires a map/items to be layed out in a very specific way (Probably can’t actually be done, but I’ll check it out later)

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Thanks to @KevinRudd for re-creating on PC!
PC: 1-10-2512798-52

Now you can judge it for yourself @Urben :wink:

(Also Kevin came up with a completely different strategy from me that works about as well so it’ll be interesting to see which people pick up on)


Hello frens, is it correct that the only possible ways to get Fire - Accident kills in H2 are Gasoline Drums, Wicker Man, Phoenix statue oil, and the big fuel tanks like in Colorado?

I read online that making an oil spill from a Scooter does, but I just tried it out and it makes an instant explosion when sparked; same with tractors and lawn mowers.

If everything above is correct then it is impossible to get a Fire Accident kill in “World of Tomorrow”

Unless H2Maps has missed a gasoline drum in its interactive map

I did a contract search on World of Tomorrow + Fire Accident, it seems there isn’t a single contract with those criteria

H2Maps does miss stuff sometimes, there’s an oil drum on Sgail under the effigy which isn’t on there and ruins one of my awful contracts. However it’s usually pretty good on Legacy maps, so yeah there probably aren’t any.

The real crime is no fire accidents on New York. I really wanted to fire the fired banker.

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Yes :pensive: or unique things, like Nabazov fire kill or the Owen Cage kill

Yeah, vehicles explode, don’t burn

To my knowledge, impossible on Hawkes Bay, New York, Haven at least. Not sure about Sapienza :thinking:

I hate that IO seems to ignore such a cool kill method!

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We need an ICA burner phone

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I suggested that ages ago, Urben said it was a bad idea and I agree

Found the convo

Well done, ever wise @Urben :wink:

But I agree with you and others when maps have not a single thing that causes a specific accident. :confused:

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I thought the idea was an oil canister :wink:

Should not be an unlockable, should just be an item they have at least one of on every map, like the propane tanks

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Yeah, that would work, make it a unique item to each map so the contract is more getting the item. But it would still have the problem of probably ruining any fire accident based contracts we have now (:sob:)

Important questions though. What should it be?

  • illegal + concealable
  • illegal + non-conceable
  • legal + concealable
  • legal + non-conceable

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Everything you need to work with this contract
Всё что нужно для работы с этим контрактом
PC: 1-10-2512798-52
Use the mind!
Используйте свой разум!

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Spoilers :wink: I’d love to see your strategy though!

I reckon he used the explosion as a distraction to make the helipad guards run away, rather than Tranqing them all like I did

Nothing of this, a carry-able accident killer is already present with propane flasks. I prefer more stationary accident kill methods, like electrocution once was.


ICA Shotgun Phone

explode your target’s head into a cloud of red mist

“command, looks like another accident”



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