HITMAN 2 Contracts From HMF Members

You finally can start on the pile driver with a sniper rifle. Have fun bois. @GuLe

6 Seconds 2 Kill

ID: 1-02-2092743-67

You have pretty much 6 seconds for taking out your sniper rifle and headshot two targets before they are no longer visible for you. No missed shots allowed.
Oh and you better come with a sniper that doesn’t take an hour to unpack.
The client is GuLe by the way. PEW PEW


Here are a pair of linked contracts set in Mumbai that I’ve been working on for a couple of days. They are uncompromisingly challenging, but despite the restrictions they should have a number of quite different approaches.

Title: Murderous Intentions - The Prelude
Contract ID: 3-13-7740245-05

Title: Murderous Intentions - The Conclusion
Contract ID: 3-13-1468077-05


Wow this is great! I have to make that a contract as well. :smiley:

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ID: 1-22-7826239-43


I knew someone does that pun :smiley: gj

Gustatory Climax

ID: 1-22-5126029-67

Making muffins is art. Like a great picture, you can either enjoy the original work of the artist, or buy it as a postcard for two quarters.
Here, we talk about the first kind. Just the right amount of ingredients, just the right baking time and the handicraft of perfection. And here, in the case of your honored profession, just the right distance to almost tip the critic over the climax.
(Shout-out to otoan402 for discovering these items do tiny damage and White-Half bringing it to HMF!)


I decided to hint on what to do in the briefing because this is pretty much unknown at the moment.
Target is the guy near you at the main start.


Excellent run, the use of the concussion bomb on the 2 waiters at the beginning was pretty clever. Getting use out of rarely used objects is always cool and innovative.

Well done.

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Very awesome, thanks for the hint!

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How old is this forum btw? I can’t seem to figure out how to quote or reply to multiple people. How does the “every shot needs to be a headshot” go along with “shoot her in the leg four times”? Isn’t a headshot fatal even with the Krugermeier? Ah well might try it myself.

Uh 2012ish? Forgot actually. Quite old for a franchise forum I guess.
You can only “reply” to one, but you can quote multiple by marking texts and click on ‘quote’.

Depends on the distance. :wink: The Striker is the only pistol that does lethal headshots at any distance.

Oh damage drops off over distance? Hitman is only a mess around game for me, never cared about the mechanics that much :smiley:
Well I tried 4 shots into the foot with the Krugermeier but the muffin (or Napoleon, for that matter) just knocked him down. 5 shots killed him in the foot from close distance.

I’m too lazy to try and hit the foot 4-5 times from afar with a pistol.

This has just been the active contract in the PS4 Player-Made Elusives thread, but, unlike most of my contracts, it doesn’t have any unusual requirements, and I think it (and one of the targets in particular) presents quite an interesting challenge, so I’m putting it here to live out the rest of its life. lol


@Nakar’s Exhibition Shooter:

About the run: Kinda slow strat, but I really like it.

@SANY-72Q’s Return of a Debt:

About the run: As simple as get in, shoot everyone, hold the crystal ball, get out huehue

White-Half is a great contract creator on PS4 and experienced hitman player. He created a bunch of top quality contracts in Hitman 2016. Speedrun Contracts, Sniper Contracts, Hard Puzzles, Funny Puzzles and glitch using contracts. For me it was very funny to play them and some puzzles brought me to my limits…
And this continues with Hitman 2 :smiley:
Trust me, if he creates a contracts it’s always a quality or funny one. Or he found a glitch/trick and creates a contract. For example killing Agent Smith (The guy in the fridger) by drowning or fire in Hokkaido. Defently not a cheater :wink: more a mechanics and glitch scientist :man_student:

@White-Half So glad you’re in the forum my friend. Looking forward to your contracts. You’re always an inspirator for me


Dunno, glitching contract creation, even by editing network packages, is still a good kind of cheater in my book. :smiley:

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Okay, so proof of concepts are established. Now let’s kick it up a notch:

Rationing (Whittleton Creek): 1-22-2407933-02

TARGETS: The three folks near the muffin stand. All must be killed with muffins.
COMPLICATIONS: Required Time Limit (1:30).
NOTES: There is a consistently achievable method to this one, although I won’t say it’s 100% reliable due to occasional hitbox weirdness.

So you may be curious: Can you kill a man with an apple alone? Yes. By my count it takes ~100 apple throws to do it, but you can. We might therefore say that an NPC has 100 Apple Points of health. How useful this will be to anyone for anything, I do not know.

I tried using other throwables but the miniscule damage only seems to apply to the ones that don’t either knock out (which seem set to do 0 damage, a fish can seemingly never score a kill) or kill (because… they kill). Seems to be unique to muffins and apples.

@Urben I have a 100% consistent method for your contract. It’s slower than your time, but it is extremely easy to execute and it more or less cannot fail.


It’s a fun gimmick to read about. Props to finding out about it but I’m not sure if I can find a lot of fun in throwing an apple at someone 100 times :sweat_smile:

… Good work! …

Here’s a few contracts for you!

Name: The Wolf of Whittleton Creek
Location: Vermont
ID: 3-2-8054161-49
Description: This is a great puzzle/speedrunning contract. All these people can be killed easily up close, but it would be faster to find a connection between all the targets, yes?
Targets: Plumber in the Schmidt house, Two garbage men in the backyard with the cigars in the balcony, one of the three guards in the renovated house, Server in the Wilson household

Here is also one which still needs a strategy, I can’t find anything common. This is more for story and not speedrunning.
Name: Tour de Delgado
Location: Columbia
ID: 3-12-7102427-49
Description: All these targets are near each other, the only obstacle is Rico Delgado walking around himself.
Targets: The mansion guard and the two maids in the exhibition area, along with the waiter near the fish tank

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A couple Xbox contracts here:

Title: The Ibanez Deliverance
Location: Miami
ID: 3-11-4947097-32
One target in the podium area, one in the Kronstadt building. Because you can’t change disguise, you will have to trespass in at least one of those areas, both if you feel like doing it all in your suit.

Title: The McBride Resolution
Location: Sgail
ID: 3-21-9689178-32
Just one target, but reaching him in your suit will be tricky.