HITMAN 2 Contracts From HMF Members

If no weapon lure is allowed, then what? The coin lure that acts in a similar way?

Drag&Drop :smirk:

Oh no KO. Dunno. Not the thing I wanna play. :grimacing:



Wired Connection, New York, 3:29:

link if embed don’t work
Recently played Wired Connection- New York and I must say it was an amazing contract.
It wasn’t too hard, but at the same time there were a lot of time saves that were fun to route, like tossing a crowbar interrupts the conversation of the lady in the basement early.

Really liked the contract and I will be playing others in the Wired Connection series when I have time. I recommend others to try these contracts too.


so im trying to search contracts in THIS topic and for every 30 comments i maybe find one… honestly, there should be a topic (like this) but with only contracts and nothing else. either that or a way to label the contracts in this forum and filter by them

Bit of a messy solution but it saves scrolling.
Just use the search function, select only this thread and search (depending on your console change the start number accordingly) either “1-0” , “1-1” or “1-2” as PC IDs will always start with that

I don’t think there’s really gonna be a way to ever get rid of discussion from threads so your always gonna have posts that aren’t contracts (also you can usually use the replies to each contract to tell if it’s any good)

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If you want a thread of just contracts and no comments; the closest you’re gonna get is this thread, but sadly not many people participated

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Since it wasn’t featured Imma post it here too :eyes:

For PS4, Seashell Shores

Recreated on PC now :v::sunglasses:


So many good submissions don’t get featured. It’s a real shame because they tend to be forgotten about


Yeah, that’s why this thread here is so useful :laughing:…ppl can just post their contract here regardless

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Just ask Frote to sneak this one into curated :wink:


This contract is not his cup of tea lol :joy: - he also hates Haven :rofl::face_with_monocle: bc view cones :eyes:


LMAO @PEA enjoy bud :wink:

More like a traditional game of fetch, than a trick.

Wouldn’t a drag/drop kill her from the fall tho?

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mine didn’t get featured because it wasn’t very good, anyway here it is

Name of Contract: The Quick and the Damned
Platform: PC
Contract ID: 1-16-4578742-95
Location: Bangkok (The Source)

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How did you mark him?

I used the newly released camera tool, though Nakar did it first in 2016 somehow.

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Name of Contract: Trial By Fire
Platform: PC
Contract ID: 1-02-4981102-95

Target is the CICADA Bodyguard standing just outside the Attic, at the top of the staff-only flight of stairs leading to the auction (i.e. suit is trespassing). Gimmick contract.

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The Past Bangkok



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Agentime 55